Holiday after rads

Not got my dates yet but reckon be starting rads in middle June  . Was going to book holiday for 1st week In August. Giving myself few weeks after to feel better . Now kinda worrying I shouldn’t go . Anyone been away soon after rads ? Or would u be better delaying . Feel I need a holiday after all this lol . Thanks Jackie ?

Hi Jac67


And before you know it you will have completed your rads.   I felt just the same wanting a holiday/break.  My experience only and we are all different but might help you decide.  I finished rads 02/07/18  and booked a long weekend away in this country 2nd week August.  Was fine but was still a bit sore from rads and bit of skin break down.   Re-assurance was I was in this country and just a phone call or visit  away from the local hospital.   Its giving yourself time after rads finished and the time for everything to peak.  As they say this is between 10/14 days and this is the case but in my case the latter end of those days.   I had nothing at all until that time, skin was perfect, lovely triangle from the boosters but that was all then boom skin break down under the boob but was soon treated and gone.  Hope this helps you decide if to go or not.    


just read your post.  I finished my radiotherapy ( 15 sessions ) and then 3 weeks later we did a weeks cruise.   I was fine,  good sun cream protection , factor 50, kept scarf over the shoulder and on the breast,  lots of moisturising on rad side.  Good luck…  you just need to take care ?

Hi Jackie


im guessing my rads will be June too. I have a week already booked for France in August. I shall keep checking in on this thread for advice ?

Mel x

Hiya, I finished rads (x15) on 5th Sept last year and flew to Greece the following day. Not ideal but it was already booked and we were meeting other family members out there and to be honest, I was just desperate to try and draw a line under it all, treatment - holiday - life back to new normal.  Would I recommend it? No, as everyone’s treatment and healing are individual and you have to take your own circumstances into account.  Would I personally do it again?  Hell yeah!  Had a brilliant time and if I felt a bit tired, I had a snooze (don’t go down the water flume without a rubber ring though, if you hit the water too hard it makes your boob ache. Lesson learned  lol).  My care team gave advice regarding sun & sand etc so factor 50 to the area at all times plus I got some uv proof surf tops to wear over my swim suit. I did swim and was ok with it but I rinsed off after and kept well moisturised.  I kept a careful watch on my skin and if there had been any breaks at all swimming would have been a no no.   BUT, because I was within 12 weeks of surgery (node biopsy), holiday insurance excluded anything BC related. I went armed with a pile of dressings and creams just in case and we knew where the local clinic was if we needed it though we knew we’d have to pay so you must take this into consideration.  So yes, wouldn’t recommend you do it, but for me, it was fine.   Whenever you decide to go though, have a fabulous time.  You’ve earned it. xx