holiday booked 3 weeks after Rads?

I have just found out I will be having 4 weeks of radiotherapy including one booster week. I have a holiday booked a barge holiday in the South of France 3 weeks after finishing. I asked the breast care nurse today what she thought and she said she would cancel. I just dont know what to do? I know everyone is different but I am worried that I might still be sore and just not sure how I will be then. I would be grateful for people who have been through the rads to say how they were 3 weeks after finishing?



Hi Kim, I finished rads on June 9th last year and flew out to Menorca 3 weeks later , slathered my radiated boob in 50 Factor and lounged in the sun for a week with no issues at all! Have been abroad 4 times since and don’t bother with 50 factor anymore, don’t let them them scare you in to cancelling your holiday love, they advised me the same but we booked as soon as rads were over, I don’t take kindly to being told what to do! I was all set to keep myself covered if need be but I was absolutely fine and after months of living the cancer nightmare it was just the tonic we needed! Xx Jo 

Hi Jo 


thank you you for replying, we have booked the holiday so here’s hoping I don’t have too much of s reaction> 

 Kim x

I would have been fine to go on holiday three weeks after my rad treatment although I did only have 15 sessions. A barge holiday sounds ideal to me - lots of gentle cruising, no rushing around, just the ticket (I was going to say ‘just what the doctor ordered’ but you’ve been given the opposite advice). I’d slather myself with factor 50 and be very careful about sunbathing but enjoy the relaxation after a very stressful time.

Kim I was a bit sore for 10 days after, but after that it got better pretty fast & I was more or less back to normal by 3 weeks after.  Your biggest issue may be not being able to get a proper bra on if you do react.  I wore silk tops & wobbled about during rads & for a week after.  You may need to pack slightly differently.  I would have been fine to go though, tiredness wise.  Anyway, surely a little siesta is acceptable on hols if you need one? Drinking tons of water seems to help & doing the creaming thing 3-4 times a day too.  They recommended 2x at my place, but I needed more frequent or got a bit sore under my arm mainly.  Radlife cream is really good. xx