Holiday booked, lumps found!

Hello everybody. I’m guessing none of us are happy to have to use this forum, but I’m really glad that it is here.


I’m due to go on a seriously exciting holiday in 28 days time (4 nights in the Ice Hotel in the north of Sweden), but this morning have seen my GP with two small  lumps in my breast. She has referred me to my local hospital, and I gather I should be seen within 2 weeks. I know it may turn out to be nothing, but I need to start planning for the less happy outcome, just in case. I would appreciate some thoughts on whether I need to be cancelling the holiday if it is bad news, in terms fo timescales for what happens next. We have a series of things that we would need to do, like cancelling house sitters, cancelling airport parking, claiming on the insurance policy etc, and I know I will be flustered if it is bad news so it’s better if I sort out a plan in my head now.


Thank you in advance for your advice. 

Hi Mag,
Hopefully all will be well, it usually is, but if on the off chance you do need treatment, then a few weeks here or there is unlikely to make any difference. There are certainly other ladies here who continued with holiday plans & the teams can usually accommodate this with no problems.
Chances are it won’t come to that, but although you’d rather not go through this, thankfully you will now be properly checked out.
ann x

Just agreeing with Ann - Assuming you get your appointment in 2 weeks, then have a wait of a week or so for the results, you’d be nearly at your holiday time whatever the outcome, and if on the offchance you did need treatment, it wouldn’t happen instantly anyway so you’d be able to have your holiday and any treatment on your return. It is possible that you do not have cancer - there are many benign conditions that the breast clinic identifies - but if it is cancer, then it will have been picked up and can be dealt with.  I really wouldn’t cancel the holiday myself. I know some ladies on here that had holidays booked have delayed their surgery by as much as a few weeks with their consultant’s blessing. Hope all goes well and that the holiday is amazing. Come back and let us know how your appointment went (and the holiday of course!) xx

Huge thanks to both of you; you made me feel a lot better. :smileyhappy:  The idea of cancelling the holiday was making me feel really miserable on top of the worry, so at least I can focus on something positive now. 


I will come back after my hospital appointment to give the outcome; I like to know the end of a story myself, and I’m guessing I’m not alone.



Absolutely go on your holiday! The likelyhood is all will be well but if not like the ladies have said there is no imediate hurry for op and treatment and a few weeks won’t make any difference, I was using my private health care when I was diagnosed as I have it through work but due to the surgeon being on holiday I wouldn’t not have had my op for a month but they assured me there was no rush, I went NHS in the end as they could do it that following week but they were insistent either choice would have made no difference to the outcome Xx 

Just to round things off, I am happy to report that my lumps turned out to be cysts, with no further action required. The day spent in the hospital was a humbling experience, and I met several inspirational women who have / had breast cancer. I am, of course, delighted that I am off the hook this time, but I understand that I should not take anything for granted.


I wish you well for the future, and thank you for being here when I needed somewhere to turn to.



Hi, i was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2016, after you get your results it’s a while before you get your treatment etc. A personal plan of best treatment can take about 3 or 4 weeks .I would keep your holiday plans and make them aware your going on holiday. 


I was diagnosed in November 30th and never knew my plan of action until January 2017, even then there was all sorts of scans to work out the best options. 


I’l keep my fingers crossed that you get a good result, as only 30 percent leads to cancer results.


Carroll xx