Holiday Exchange

Hi everyone
I have had this idea, so posting to see what anyone else thinks.
I have recently gone back to work after 8 months off, laterly on ESA, so finances are not as healthy as they might be. I have no transport, & live alone. I would love to visit other areas for a few days for a change of scene in my holidays, but with no transport, no partner & depleted funds it’s not easy. So my idea is - what about exchange trips, a bit like schools etc do?
My idea is a person ( or couple, possibly) would go & stay with someone they’d made contact with on this site. They would need to get there under their own steam obviously, but once there they would stay as a guest in that person’s home i.e no accommodation to pay for. Meals taken at home would be provided by the host. Everything else (e.g trips;meals out/coffees/drinks) would be split in whatever manner suited the individuals, in the same way friends always do.
For example I have a spare bedroom, & could accommodate a single person or a couple for a few days. They could come when I was off work & I could spend time with them, or if I was at work they would have a base from which to go out & about which was costing them nothing.
You may all think this is a silly idea …or maybe not. I’m interested to gather opinions though.

Hi Diwy, I think it is alovely idea. Cannot do anything about it just now as going on holiday tomorrow but will look at this thread on my return. Love Val

Hi Diwy,

I think thats a great idea, wish I had a spare room so I could join in.

Hope you get lots of positive feedback about it

Tracey xx

I think that’s an ace idea. Made myself chuckle thinking how I would advertise my house- “2 bedroom cottage in the cotswolds, with 2 dogs, views of the hills and friendly local pub” however in reality it’s a 2 bed terrace house (says cottage on deeds as it was a workers cottage) in the middle of Cheltenham, if you go out the front door and round the corner you can just about see the hills. Plus the pub is friendly once poeple know who you are.

I really do think you’re onto something here and I’d be happy to take part.

Em x

Hi Diwy,
Sound like a fab idea, I have 3 spare rooms so definately worth thinking about!
Suze xx

Divvy sounds a brill idea. I have a spare bedroom but will eventually be going back to work( but a break before then would be good) but live in a nice (ish) area with good motorway/rail/coach connections. Jackie

Hi girls
Just popped back on to see what people were thinking, very pleased so far.
This is what I would say :

Come & spend a few days in Fife, Scotland, minutes away from main line railway station, & bus routes. Edinburgh is within easy reach as are for example Perth & Stirling. The Fife coast is lovely, with small fishing villages & farmland,not to mention St Andrews, well known for golf etc. Plenty of opportunity to shop, visit theatres, sight-see, or just sit in my garden with a book.

I’m at work in the day, so if coming in the week the place would be your own in the day-time.You can do whatever you please, except that I don’t let anyone smoke in the house. Weekends I am free.

Please carry on registering your interest (or otherwise) & it will be great to see if anyone goes ahead with this.

Meanwhile I have a week off work in August & nowhere to go.
Any offers ?

Divvy have PM you. Jackie