Holiday Insurance Excess

I have booked my first holiday since my secondary diagnosis - I’ve only been nagging the OH for the last 12 months but we got there in the end.

I completed the form online last night on one of the recommended websites and I noted that when I was completing the cancer treatments etc that when I added fatigue as a side effect that the excess jumped up by £100.

I was quite shocked at this as it would not be a reason for me to cancel my hoiliday it just means that I will have to pace myself more than I previously would have had to do.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I’m seriously considering taking this off before I submit the quote as I feel that is an excessive amount to add to the excess on the policy which now stands at £300


I used ‘all clear’ insurance to travel wholst under treatment & was never asked any side affects, just what medication/treatment i was on as well as my condition.
Maybe worth having a look at them or another company

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I personally would take it off. Sometimes we don’t have fatigue and being on holiday, on a sunbed, with no chores of ten leads to a more relaxed feeling. I put all the info on the forms where I’m trying to claim something. Minimal when it is the opposite. My mum was a journalist so I think it is hereditary.:rofl:

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Thanks both

I’m going to ring them today and I’m looking at sone other companies. I just could not believe how much it added to the excess - a rip off I think. If I can managed to get to work I can manage to relax on holiday - far better prospect:)