Holiday Insurance?

Holiday Insurance?

Holiday Insurance? Hi Girls

Im going away soon and just wondered what everyone had done about insurance. I had my Bank cover before but Ive cancelled that now.
Do I need it?

Would appreciate any replies.


Hi Debbie

I have found Marrs Insurance Brokers to be good. Have just renewed my Annual policy (Europe) for the second year running at a cost of £70 for hubby and I, including cover for bc. Just had to be able to declare that I had not received treatment for cancer (other than regular medication) in the last 12 months and answer a couple of other routine questions.

Worth giving them a call - 0870 920 2222.

By the way, on a recent flight home from Tenerife, I was delayed by 12 hours so I put in a claim and Marrs paid up without any problems!

Hope this helps.


Thank you… Hi Joe

Thanks for the info I’ll give them a call today.


I just got a quote from them for an annual policy. £43 That covers the BC and Asthma. Well worth ringing…



I have free annual insurance from my bank too. I just rang them and told them and they added it. I’m sure all it is that you’re not covered for BC but if I found a lump I’d wait til I came home.

It could be worth ringing the bank and asking them. By the way, my husband’s diabetes was treated in the same way as mine. (Diagnosed after we got the policy).

I think all companies would put the same restrictions on.