Holiday insurance

I am aware of a recent posting from a fellow SBC lady ‘victoriasponge’ under the title of “holiday insurance with SBC” . I followed that as I too am very interested in what to do and experiences. But what I can’t make out from the replies etc is what to do if like the lady who posted her question is on continuous treatment.


I will be continuous IV herceptin and prejeta every 3 weeks, bone strengthening injections every 6 weeks and daily hormonal tablets. So will never be off treatment, is there anyone out there who is in the same boat and has managed to get insurance without taking a bank loan out. In other words are us ladies who are on continuous treatment restricted?. I am also interested in a reply where a lady said she has never declared she has a terminal illness to the insurance people. I too have never been told by my oncologist that I am terminal but I also know that I am not going to be cured so understand I do have a terminal diagnosis. So my other question is do the insurance companies when questioning you use terminal illness as in the last 1yr of your life or do they use the term as a general description for uncurable cancer patients?


I only ask as I want to ring round some insurance companies to see re a quote but don’t want to also put my foot in it by saying I am terminal and use the wrong terminology but I also want to make sure I am insured (if I can be). Obviously there is nothing I can do about my continuous treatment but hope by have continuous IV treatment does not penalise me.


Any further advice and support would be lovely. 

Hi Sorry you find yourself with this new diagnosis.

I get travel insurance with Insure Pink.I ring them up and go through all the questions.I have secondary liver and 1 small bone met.I have paid £115 for a 2 week Mediterranean cruise later this year.I have Denosumab injections for bones every 28 days and on letrozole every day.I always say mine is life limiting and I think they ask if it is curable to which I say no.Im not sure how your iv treatments would affect a quote but worth ringing them to find out.Ihave used them a few times but never had to make a claim so can’t vouch for how well they deal with one.Maybe ask your oncologist and gp about plans to go abroad and if they advise it.and get their advice on how you should answer questions .Helps if you make a note of all dates and treatments since primary diagnosis before you ring up as I find it hard to remember when questions coming rapidly.Be prepared for lots of questions as they have to run through the text on their screen.Boots insurance is meant to be good too apparently.or any that advertise cancer cover probably.

I was diagnosed with numerous secondaries in liver in July  2016  and had fec chemotherapy and I am well and still work full time.The letrozole gives me stiff ankles and aching feet but I feel  and look well.If they give you an average prognosis   survival time I wouldn’t be worried as I was given 2 to 3 years and I’m not likely to go anytime soon!!

best wishes to you and it does get easier dealing with this devastating news.Didi


I have just bumped up the Travel insurance thread for you. Sorry you find yourself with this diagnosis but please be reassured that you can get travel insurance even on continuous treatment. I was diagnosed straight to stage 4 in Dec 2012 with bone & liver mets and have been on continuous treatment including several IV chemos for over 6 years. I have travelled 4 or 5 times a year to Europe using Eurotunnel insurance & MIA insurance. I was told by onc to say ‘I have secondary breast cancer in the liver & bones; it is a chronic illness for which I am on continuous treatment and I have not been told I am terminal’. As Didi says, before you ring have dates handy of diagnosis, treatments, scans etc. Just as an example I have an annual policy with Eurotunnel which covers myself & husband for mainland Europe £80. When I went to Mallorca last year I was in the middle of 28 weekly sessions of paclitaxel & it cost £192 for a week’s cover with MIA (Eurotunnel don’t cover islands). 

Good luck & happy holidays. 

Helen x 


Like Helen I have been in IV treatments and still had travel insurance, I was probably the lady you are referring to as saying I’ve never been told I’m terminal, which is true. As someone, who doesn’t have BC has said to me, we’re  all terminal! Eurotunnel don’t ask any questions other than have you been told you are terminal ie no treatments available and weeks to live (their words not mine). They do have about 4 criteria which you have to meet such as are you fit for travel, are you stable, are you seeking treatment abroad which are all standard anyway. They insure single trip or annual for Europe only (as Helen has said, islands are no longer included and presumably neither are cruises) . Last costing I had was about £80 for my husband and myself for an annual policy.

I have also travelled further abroad whilst on the treatment you will be continuing on, H and P (at one point in my SBC ‘journey’ I was slightly HER2+) and had no problem at the time getting travel insurance for South Africa or USA, but you do have to shop around for those companies (which are mentioned on the Travel Insurance thread)

Good luck and hope you get away soon, a holiday is such an escape from this constant hospital presence!

Nicky x