Holiday- Upset

Hi I’m new to the forum.

Only just diagnosed  before Christmas and yes very much a big shock . I’m having a mastectomy, on the 15th Jan, with reconstruction to follow in 1- 2 years, should i choose too. 

When the surgeon explained everything to be the next day, after my diagnoses. I asked how long my recover will take and he and the BCN both agreed with one another i will be back at work in 2 - 3 weeks post op.


I mentioned to The BCN i have booked a trip of a life time, should i cancel it  ? Ok it is at the end of May However it is not a relaxing Holiday it is lots of walking, sight seeing and 1 week in a primary forest jungle. Which means i will be constantly hot, & sweaty. Of course  i understand BCN can not advise me to cancel as it has to be my choice.

My initial thoughts where and still are, i need to get used to my new body. I do not want to be feeling self conscious and having to worry about mastectomy bra rubbing ECT .

Also twice the the BCN has mentioned for me not to cancel and twice ive said i want to feel comfortable and not worry about my changes. Other wise i will not be able to enjoy the trip . 


What i really dont understand is , my treatment will not be decided until i get my post op results. This is when i need to pay the balance off on  the trip .  How can i be advise not to cancel and not know my treatment . I may need to start radio therapy… I have no idea.

Plus just the emotional side, im still managing to go to work every day and thinking i will be back at work within 3 weeks .  I just feel quite angry, which is normal i know , Im angry at the professionals, just seem to be dismissive . I Know I Know I Know, thats not true ! Im really upset. Does anyone get what im raging about ??? 

Thanks for any words of wisdom or your experiances .

Hi Justnow,

There’s never a ‘good’ time to get a diagnosis, but it creates such a dilemma when other life events are around the same time. It is such a shock getting diagnosed & it’s normal to feel the way you describe, we’ve all been there!

It is difficult to be prescriptive on this & at the end of the day, it will come down to how you feel about it.

Certainly, many others here have continued with holiday plans & the teams are usually quite happy to accomodate holidays plans in treatment schedules as needed. 

It is usual for all of us that the treatment plan cannot be finalised until after surgery, so there’s probably not a lot you can do about that.  If radiotherapy is needed, it’s not for 6 weeks at least until post surgery, so any holiday could be accomodated around it.

Hopefully, others will be along to support & advise shortly, so do come & chat or rant whenever you need to.

ann x

Hi Justnow

I was in the same position as you last year. Diagnosed in January I had my first surgery on 28/2. Was meant to have reconstruction but ended up not being able to have it. When given my diagnosis I told them I had a holiday booked the last two weeks of May and they’d have to work round it because I WAS going no matter what. I had a mastectomy 1st (and I also went back to work no problem 2 weeks later) . I had to have a further op on 4/4 to get clearer margins and do the node clearance. I was told I’d need chemo once the wounds had healed (it took longer 2nd time). It was agreed they’d wait till I got back from my holiday. With no reconstruction by May you won’t need to wear a post operative bra if you don’t want to. Get yourself a knitted knocker (from the charity of the same name, Google is your friend) which you can wear in a tight vest top going braless if you want to. They also have swim ones that can fit in a costume. They are both lightweight and not at all uncomfortable. Sling a thin cotton shirt over and you’ll be good to go.

In your position I’d go. The break will do you the world of good before the next bit of your treatment.

When I had cancer the first time 2006 I had radiotherapy ending at the start of May and we never booked that year because we mistakenly thought I probably wouldn’t be up to it. How wrong I was, I was completely fine and could have gone away.

Thank you Ann. I know it’s a trivial at the end of the day. It’s only a holiday . I’m lucky :relaxed: to have something to look forward to once, I’m healed and in recovery .

Hi Sally & Thank you.
What you said makes perfect sense. I already have a knocker being knitted yey ! Like your suggestion of vest and shirt .
I will still go on holiday and do the long haul next year . I hope your recovery is going well . X

I’m newly diagnosed with a holiday already booked in May.
I’m not cancelling yet as I am waiting to see how surgery and radiotherapy goes, my balance is also due close to my op results, when they will make a decision on chemo as well.

I would check with your travel insurance now if you have any as I have discovered that lots of the companies that say they cover breast cancer when they don’t when you go for a quote!
I’m lucky thay my current yearly provider say they will cover cancellation and medical costs for this trip but none after that, as the holiday was booked prior to diagnosis Some of other quotes I’ve had are extortionate (and I only travel to France and Ireland mainly).