holidaying in may some help needed please?

Hi everyone,have just fininshed treatment awaiting diep reconstruction and left side mascetomy after 6 months of chemo right mascetomy and 3 weeks of rads that I finished end of January.Had to cancel holiday last year so would like to get away somewhere about May thought it wont be too hot just confused about where and what to do thought a cruise might be a good idea just wondered if anyone had ideas and if anyone had some travelling tips they could pass on with regards to flying and taking medicines aboard Im on femera many thanks xx

Hi Mandy
I finished chemo on a Friday in July, had the central line out a week later, although the docs were a bit worried, we went on holiday the day after.
We cruised to the Norwegian Fjords - and things were fine. I did have a “bit of a wobble” just before the ship left, worried about being away from the support I had got used to - but things were fine, I think it helped to have a fairly “local” cruise, rather than a long haul holiday, I felt I could always fly home if I had any problems (I didn’t!) - and don’t forget the ships have a really good medical facility too. We cruised from Harwich, so didn’t have to worry about flying/taking meds with us etc.
Hope you have a good holiday wherever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do

omg thats so weird we were just talking about going on a fiord cruise was it cold I dont like the sun much but the oh wants a bit of sun I thought it would be quite nice in may thanks for that will be looking in to that mandy