Holidays during Chemotherapy

I am due to start my first FEC on Tuesday and all being well with blood etc I should have had my third cycle by the time I am due to go on holiday. Has anyone else gone abroad whilst in the middle of chemo?? I’m having a PICC line put in and was wondering if this is ok to travel with. Onc said it may be a possibility for me to go. It’s only Cyprus and I’m staying in my parents house so not a a strange hotel and I am familiar with the the doctors etc over there. Just though as we’ve waited so long to go it might be a good break for me between FEC and TH.

Hi Purpleclare, I went to Italy after my second FEC 75 chemo for ten days in May 2915. My oncologist said it was okey, but did not elaborate. I was told to take a travel insurance. I rang at least 12 insurances/brockers, only one agreed to insure against chemotherapy (the word was on my insurance). The price tag? £443! I also had the EHIC card.


The reason? My chemo record has the following printed on a separate piece of paper:

“This partient is receiving chemotherapy and has a high risk of developing neutropenic sepsis, which is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY” “If neutropenic sepsis is suspected commence antibiotic treatment …within one hour of presentation DO NOT WAIT FOR BLOOD RESULTS”.


I checked neutropenic sepsis, and I realised my neutrophils result from my blood tests was 1.8.  My chemo nurse said it was an  “okey level”. I checked with a cancer charity. 1.5 was considered as low - I was only 0.3 from it - and by 1.0 is was certainly an medical emergency!  I travelled to Italy and as it was only after my 2nd chemo, I was well enough to enjoy and benefit from a break organised by my Italian friends. 


After my 3rd chemo in June, I flew to Spain. My GP, a Spanish lady, wrote a letter in Spanish for the emergency service, I couldn’t believe her kindness! my neuts (neutrohils) were a whoopy 3.6, so I went without insuranc. I knew the Spanish health system well, it was very likely that the hospital will treat me as an emergency on the basis of my EHIC card. I had €4,000 in case I had to pay, my calculations being that the insurance was as expensive as hospitalisation, so I had nothing to lose! 


Good luck with your plans, I hope this helps.


I must tell you that after my 3rd chemo, it went downhill with side-effects, and now on the eve of my 6th chemo, the cumulative effects are horrendeous for 10 days. I cannot travel since my 3rd chemo.

Best wishes, Egret x 




Hi everyone. I had also booked a coach trip to Italy and it falls on days10 after my third FEC treatment. I have pretty much flown through chemo with very little side affects and wasn’t especially worried, however just come off the phone from the Tenovus lady was was aghast, saying didn’t I know I couldn’t travel? I’m now rather worried. I have the EIHC and will try and get insurance, but it doesn’t sound likely. I know this is an old post, but would be glad of a response.

I booked to go to Kefilonia before diagnosis and when I updated my insurance company they would no longer cover me so refunded half my premium as I didn’t want to cancel. I have just got insurance with medisafe insurance for £43 for family of three with other medical conditions also declared. Hope this helps. Xx

I should have said I am going in May and will hopefully have finished chemo but did declare on the form that I am currently having chemo x