Holidays Hi Everyone
I finished my treatment on 29th March, had 6 sessions of FEC and 17 sessions radiotherapy. Just wondered how long you have to wait before taking a holiday abroad. I have been told I will be sun sensitive in the area of the radiotherapy but no one has said how long this lasts, does anyone know? I feel very scared that the cancer will come back and it makes me aprehensive about booking a holiday at all as I had to cancel last years when I was diagnosed. My husband says we should just book it as we need to get on with our lives, is he right? Does anyone else feel like this or is it just me being paranoid.
Love to all
Su x

Hi Sue I don’t know how long the sun sensitivity lasts. I finished rads just after Christmas and there’s still some redness. I guess it’s a case of being careful in the sun. I don’t think you should put your lives on hold. You both deserve a holiday. I went away as soon as chemo finished and before starting rads, but not to a sunny place (mainly because it was mid November!) and it was wonderful to be away.

Margaret x

Hi Sue,

Know what you mean about being apprehensive about booking holidays - I had to cancel sooo many things last year - I feel the same.

I had mastectomy in April 06, followed by 6 xFEC, and 25 rads which all finished in November 06. I actually went to Goa on Christmas Day - and had an amazing time - denied myself nothing! I was very careful with the rad site and took some really high factor sunscreen with me - no probs. Also always wore sunhat in the day as my hair was only just growing back then. Apart from that - took no other precautions.

My advice would be go ahead and book - you deserve it after what you’ve been through - your husband’s right! All of us live with the fear of this wretched thing coming back - but my motto now is ‘why put off until tomorrow what you can do or have today’!!!

Best of luck and hope you have a great holiday - let us know when you’ve booked.

Love and hugs, Jean xxx

Book it!! Hi Su

If you think you are up to going away then just do it!!!

The skin thing as far as I know is keep the treated site out of the sun for a year - you can apply sun block but be cautious as the skin in that area is very delicate and may react badly to it – test a bit first.

Having said this; then wear a mans shirts over your swim gear and don’t expose yourself (ooh!) until after dark!!!

Your husband is right (men are occasionally I have found!!!) you can’t put your life on hold you’ve had a rotten time and you deserve a holiday.

Have a glass of wine and an ice cream for me when you get there please!

Kim x :sunglasses:

Hi Su

I finished rads 2.10.06 and did go to Lanzarote 2 months later for a weeks holiday, my Onc was OK as long as I used sun block on the rads area (and it wasn’t the hottest time of the year). My skin was fine however I smothered myself with cream.

Although must say what with this hot weather at the moment, I did go into the garden the other week wearing a bikini and only for an hour and the part of my chest wall where the rads reached did suffer, I was amazed at how it was so red and looked like prickly heat, yet I only had slight colouring every where else.

And yes I too agree with your husband, go for it, I also went to New York in March, somewhere I had wanted to go for years, I just booked it on my own and told my husband the day we were flying out.

Holiday Tip, sometimes its better to wait 3 months after surgery, chemo or rads for insurance purposes, when we went to Lanzarote I had to have BC excluded, yet got full holiday cover for America from Mars Insurance, who were very reasonable.

Get the holiday brochures out and enjoy


Hi Su

You and your husband both deserve a holiday and as long as you are sensible and put plenty of sun cream on and cover up if necessary you will be fine.

I to had no holidays last year, I have just had 1st yearly mammogram and will get results on 17th May, My partner and I are off to Lake Garda on 23 May so hopefully it will be celebrations all the way.

So go ahead and book and live life to the full.

Good luck to you both.



Hi Su

I think you should just book it and go and enjoy yourself. I went on holiday 3 times to spain during chemo, I delayed it twice for a week so I could go on holiday (with the Onc’s blessing of course). I also went away for a week before I started rads and also 5 weeks after I finished rads…My partner kept whisking me off for 5 to 7 days for a rest!.

I always put on plenty of suncream as you can burn very easily also I dont sit out in the sun for long periods now. I always tend to cover my arm up.

Have a fab time in Lake garda, beautiful place, you’ll have a ball and you so deserve it. I’m sure you’ll be having celebrations.


Go Ahead And Book It Hi Su,
I am in the same position or will be soon and i think i am going to book a holiday straight away i asked the BC Nurse and she said as long as you are very careful with the sun you should be fine and after what we have been through and our partners or hubbys i think we jolly well deserve one.
So my advise would be to get yourself away as long as you feel ok it would probabaly do you the world of good.
Try and stay positive and not keep thinking about what maybe in the future and live for today.
We also had to cancel a skiing holiday when i was diagnosed and also all the friends that we were going with cancelled aswell which i was very touched about even though they shouldnt have done. We have just booked the next skiing holiday for next Easter and fingers crossed i will be fine and looking forward to the future.
Take Care and stay Positive
Best Wishes

Hi Su

Just go ahead and book a holiday. I finished rads on 26th February. Was told by radiologist that I had to wait 6 weeks, which I did and then went to Fuerteventura for a week in April. Was careful about the sun, took a 40 factor sun cream, bought kaftans and a hat and had a wonderful time. I’ve just come back from a four day break in Spain and plan a holiday in Portugal in June. I’m not holding back anymore. Like you, had to cancel so many things last year that I’m making this year just for me. I actually felt tons better for being in the hot climate for a week. My bones felt better, my skin looks much better and all my aches and pains seem to vanish whilst I was there. Definitely a good tonic after all we’ve been through.

Just be careful of the sun and you’ll have a great time.

Travel Insurance was the worst. I finally got my usual annual policy to cover me for everything but the BC, but I’m of the frame of mind that I’ll just get a flight home if anything happens. I’m living for today.

Get booking!!


Holidays I finished chemo 7 of March and 15 sessions of radiotherapy 2 of April. I was informed by the oncologist to be careful of the sun due to sensitivity of the skin following chemo and wear a high factor sun lotion.

A radiologist said that I should not expose the rads area to the sun for up to 2 years.

I am going to Minorca in June, can’t wait to get away from it all.

Go on holiday and enjoy yourself -just be careful.

Booked it Hi Ladies
Took your advice and booked 2 weeks in Rhodes in August. Got good deal on travel insurance with a comapnay called Freedom. Now to get down to some serious shopping for holiday clothes.
Thanks ladies for all your advice and tips for holidays, I hope you all enjoy yours.
Love Su xx