Hi, Has anyone out there had chemo and been on holiday abroad after it finished. I had a holiday booked and was advised by my oncologist to cancel it until i had finished my chemo. I can understand the reasoning behind cancelling it, immune system being destroyed whilst on chemo, but i wondered if any ladies there had been on hol abroad after finishing chemo and how were they…

Hiya katymar

I had holiday to Spain in the middle of my chemo then again two months after finishing - no probs - where are you thinking of going? My oncologist was all for getting away and trying to lead as normal life as possible, and I know it did me the world of good - itching for the next one!!

Any questions ask away.

Anne x

Hi Katymar,

I finished chemo and rads in Nov 2007 and in Jan week for 3 weeks to thailand. It was fine although i was extra careful on my left side where I had been operated and used a high factor and sometimes sunblock. I did notice that on one day when the sun was beating down on my left side my arm felt tingily and started to go slightly red, so i covered up completey. from now on I will always take care in the sun… i sure you be fine, chenk with your nurse if any queries.

Have fun

N xx

Hi Amdamc and Nadia,
Thanks for coming back to me. I had been advised my one BCN that if i did go away just watch what i eat etc and then another BCN advised me not to go. I had booked a holiday for July which is the middle of my treatment and cancelled as i was confused as to what advice to take. But is always better to come from someone who has gone or going through the treatment. Im a sad git really as i was more bothered about my holiday (in Benidorm) than i was about the treatment. My philosophy is u cannit change things so just get on with it. Were u both ok with the food as my BCN advised me not to eat takeaways. Minst u with the spare tyre i have around my middle i think i need to leave the takeaways alone anyway.!



Hi Kate

Its a right pain when one professional tells you one thing and another says something else!! I always went with what my onc. advised (cos I liked what he said!). He told me to take a holiday in week 3 after chemo when blood count was better, re. food, he never said anything was out of bounds, wine was ok in moderation - that was a really good one! - and gave me plenty of antibiotics to take with me just in case my temp should go up. We went to Spain, made sure I had my medical card, knew where the nearest hospital was and then relaxed and had the most battery charging holiday, before coming back and finishing the second half of my chemo.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
PS - takeaways, I had one of these everyweekend during Chemo, cos too tired to cook and OH isn’t very good in the kitchen, puting it mildly!.

Anne x

Hi Anne
Thank u so much for coming back to me. I see my onc this friday so i think i will ask her,Mrs Kumar! im always tempted to ask if she lives at Number 42! sorry thats my daft sense of humour kicking in…anyway im going to ask her and see what she says. If i feel like i do now then im going to get off. Like you say its a battery charging hol and to me can do u more good than sitting at home.
Thank u so much for the advice…