Home after emergency admission to hospital!

Last Tuesday I had a PICC line put in as I am one of those people whose veins are very deep. After 2 chemos, it wasn’t possible to find a vein any more and the PICC line was meant to make my life easier.

On Wednesday my hand looked a bit swollen which wasn’t a good sign but I was told what other symptoms to look for and as the hand started to go down wasn’t too worried.

By Sunday my shoulder was extremely painful and I was admitted to the oncology centre as an emergency. They weren’t sure whether it was an infection or a blood clot so treated me for both. I was meant to have a doppler test to look at my veins on Monday but then heard it would be Tuesday morning. Then my arm and hand started to grow to Michelin man proportions and I threw the most enormous wobbly as I was so frightened and felt that I couldn’t talk to anyone about my worries. I was reassured by a young doctor that everything was being done even if they didn’t know the cause, but then even worse was to follow. I was told by a nurse that they couldn’t continue to give the antibiotics through the PICC line as it was making the swelling worse so would need to find a vein. Silly me wasn’t that the problem in the first place!!! Eventually another nurse was able to confirm that I just wouldn’t have any more antibiotics.

On Tuesday morning the doppler showed that the vein was completely blocked by a blood clot so the PICC was removed and now I will be on anti coagulants for at least 6 weeks, by injection, every day. My arm and hand are still enormous and the skin so stretched. I will see my consultant next week about how I will now get the rest of my chemo, and also a year of Herceptin next year.

It is all too much. Every time I move one step forward I seem to go several steps backwards.

I really need some of those cyber hugs please!! I feel so sorry for myself but I have to say there were a lot of people much worse than me in there so at least I should be glad I have been able to come home.

Anne xx

Hi Ann

My heart goes out to you - it must be horrible to have to go through all this on top of everything else. Feel sorry for yourself as much as you like if it makes you feel better, I know I do sometimes.

I hope things improve for you soon and that you start to feel heaps better. Sending you lots of cyber hugs.

Take care

Cyber hugs coming up!! So sorry to hear that you’ve had such a bad time. Hope things improve very soon.

God bless.


Huge cyber hug. We all need them from time to time and the ladies on here are the best to understand how that feels.

Take care. Hope you feel better soon
Sharon x

Hello Anne

So sorry to hear about this. I do hope things start to get better for you soon.

Lots of cyber hugs.

Love Anthi

Thank you everyone. I know that this is such a good place to get support from you all, who really understand.

Thanks again

Anne xx

Bl**dy hell Anne!

What an absolute nightmare for you!!! No wonder you’re feeling sorry for yourself, you’ve certainly every right too!

Sending you humungous ‘cyber hugs’ ((((((((((o))))))))))

Take care of yourself,


Hi Anne

And another huge hug for you. That is just awful. You deserve better and I hope it gets sorted quickly for you. You have every right to feel sorry for yourself.

Lots of love and strength


Hi Anne
Have you heard of a portocath? In our area, (SE) ladies who are to have long term treatment have one put in at the start. It is an implantable port that sits under the skin on the chest area. It is accessed using a special needle but you can use an anaesthetic cream to numb the area if it is painful. usually tolerated quite well. You would probably have a good case to have one as you had the DVt with a PICC. I hope it all gets sorted out soon for you. Good luck

Oh God, I wish I hadn’t read this…I am meant to be having PICC line put in on Monday… have been umming and ahhing all week…still not sure I want it…someone tell me what to do…please?

Hi Babyboo

If you would like to talk this through you could give our helpline a ring tomorrow morning.

The helpline number is 0808 800 6000
and it is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
Saturday, 9am - 2pm

Best wishes


Breast Cancer Care

Our helpline is a free and confidential service. Run by specially trained nurses, we are able to offer advice about services inside and outside Breast Cancer Care and can help you make informed choices about what you should do.

Thanks, I may just do that!

I did try to ring today ´but the message said that the office was closed…I though Sat were open…mmm…tra la la…guess I have to make the decision myself…LOL

Dear BabyBoo

Sorry about that, the helpline is usually open 9am-2pm Saturday so there may have been a problem today. I will try and find out why this was and get back to you.

Kind regards

Breast Cancer Care

Babyboo - Sorry that my post has worried you. I was told before the PICC line was put in that blood clots were one of the possible rare complications. Obviously I was unlucky but you may have no problem. I understand that many people are very pleased with their lines.

I talked to the helpline today - I think they are only open in the mornings on Saturday. I now have to decide between a Hickman line or having the chemo in my right hand (my op was on the right). I will probably go for the Hickman line although feeling very apprehensive.

Rooth - I wanted a portacath really but they are not often done in my area. I can’t have one at the moment because the vein on the left is blocked by the blood clot so they would have to put it on the right which would cause problems when it comes to radiotherapy (it would need to stay in for next years Herceptin). So I guess I will get a Hickman line now and then later on a portacath for the Herceptin.

The whole thing has been a nightmare to be honest.

Thank you everyone for your support and cyberhugs.

Anne xx

I am using the International number…would that have a bearing on it?


Sorry I don’t know as I used the freephone number. I think thay are open until 2pm on Sats.

Good luck with your decision and please don’t be too put off by what happened to me. My veins are small and very deep and maybe this isn’t helpful when it comes to blood clotting. I think you may also be able to ask to be put on a low dose of anti coagulant while you have a line in. Perhaps you could discuss this with your doctor before you make your decision? I am now on anti coagulants for the foreseeable future because of this clot so at least it shouldn’t be a problem with the Hickman line.

All the best


Thanks for the reply…still not sure if I want it or not… I went swimming last week and I don’t want to stop now that I have started and I know I will have to stop…

tra la la…so many decisions with this flaming disease…too many in fact.

Well…I shall let you know what happens tomorrow…wether or not I come home home with a line or if I come home wireless…LOL