home after surgery

hi all
back from hospital ( in monday out friday ) had WLE + axillary clearance i found out from my bcn while i was in that im HER2 pos have 2 appointments to go back for results/plan next thursday 27th i was in longer than i thought due to drain but feeling fine apart from being tired , is anyone else having flushes and sweats i had to come off my hrt 5weeks ago when dx ( been on it 6yrs ) all the best to all on this site

Hi Mizzy,

Regarding hot flushes and sweats - I came off HRT slowly between Christmas and June - still having both, but I know that when I had to stop taking it before, due to high blood pressure, it was much worse so I do sypathise.

I had been on HRT for 11 years and was told that it was best to come off due to the length of time I’d been on - if I’d only just started with HRT now at the grand old age of 54 I was told that I could have stayed on it for ever!

Now that I’ve to have WLE I suppose I should consider myself lucky not to be going ‘cold turkey’ again. Every cloud etc etc.
Good luck for next Thursday
Maddy x

Hi Maddy

Thanks for that i suppose it is the least of my worries but i sometimes think everything is connected to the breast cancer im going off to do my excercises now and then i am going to have a good look at my scar through the mirror ( only seen it by looking down at it when the nurse changed the dressing before i came home) she says it looks very neat and is healing well so i am pleased,and as i chose WLE over mastectomy i am hoping for good clear results next week


Hello Mizzy

Glad to hear you are home. My WLE scar was brill but unfortunetly have to go for more surgery friday.
Was the Aux clearance painful.

Take things easy and do your exercises. Good Luck for your results.

Take Care,Love

Anne x

Hello Mizzy,

My WLE and lymp node scar’s are very neat, like two tram lines running alongside each other! - I had mine done 2 weeks ago - I couldn’t wait for the drain to come out, it’s so great when you don’t have to carry it around with you - and surprising how heavy it becomes!

Am continuing with the exercises and they are helping - still quite numb under my right armpit - and half way down the outside of my right arm, but it is definetely improving. So stick with them! and lots of luck for your results. xx

Anne - good luck for Friday xx


Hi Anne

my WLE was done on top of my original excision biopsy which i had done 6 weeks ago ( as my first tissue sample came back clear they just took the lump out on 30 july but results came back cancer ) and it looks great (for a scar!! )

Aux clearance not at all as painful as i thought it would be, underarm very numb and feels wierd but will go in time im getting used to doing the excercises and they really do help, i thought i would have 2 scars but all done through 1 cut which was a nice suprise

Hope all goes well on Friday


Hi Mizzy

I am further on along this journey than you, now on arimidex for next 5 yrs. Like you I was on HRT for about 6 yrs and it was wonderful. Yes hot flushes pretty regular now. I’m affraid it’s a sad side affect for most of us. I found chemo subdued mine but now they are back. There are natural treatments out there but I can’t have any of them so struggling along, taking tops of and on!

Good luck


Hi Everyone

Got results today from WLE + axillary clearance… two grade 3 lumps 25mm + 8mm + 28mm DCIS “thankfully clear margins” + 7 out of 21 nodes involved + HER2 + have to have bone scan, ct scan and chest xray, start with 6 sessions chemo 3 FEC 100 / 3 TAXOL starting 18th oct then 5weeks rads then Herceptin for 1 yr
Would appreciate any advice you can give me as i am feeling a bit bewildered


Hi mizzy,

My lump was also grade 3 and I had 25/28 nodes involved. Like you I am also HER2 +.

Chemo is tough but very doable. I am almost finished E-CMF now and can not believe where the time has gone! When I started in May, Oct seemed a looonnnnnnggggg was away but now it is almost here and I can not believe how quickly its gone. I hope your side effects on chemo are mininmal, do check out the “top tips for chemo” thread on the ‘undergoing treatment - chemotherapy’ section.

I’m starting rads v.shortly, having 15. I’ve been told that although it can make you v.tired it is very manageable. Herceptin is supposed to be ok too. Lets hope so eh!

I wish you well for your first chemo on the 18th,

Take care and let us know how you’re doing,


Hi Kelly

Thanks for that its nice to know you come through the other side good luck with your rads and the “wonder drug” herceptin will check out the top tips for chemo thread

Lots of love