Homeopathy... any other users of it out there

I would really appreciate being able to talk to other patients out there who have chosen to use homeopathy.

I’m starting chemo very soon and am torn between what my onc doesn’t know about and what I do. It’s so complicated that I’ve just started writing it all down to discuss here but thought I don’t really know if there are any other people here who actuvely use it.

I’ve been using homeopathy for a decade, know a lot about it. My Mum’s a qualified homeopath and her mentor has treated many ladies who have had breast cancer.

They’re prepared to help me treat all the symptoms of the chemo but as is common my onc dept know nothing about it (demonstratably so sadly in this case) and have suggested that creams are OK but the pills arent.

I guess they don’t know that actually homeopathy is just a single drop of active ingredient dilluted many times over so really on a physical chemical level how could it interact with a drug. I tells the body what to do, it doesn’t work like drugs do.

Between a rock and a hard place and sick of hearing about what people *think* a homeopath does.

Hi vertangie

I have used homeopathy quite a lot over the years, from first aid to childrens’ recurrent earaches etc. and when I had bc back in 1996 used a brilliant homeopath who helped me through surgery and radiotherapy. I have never completely understood how it works, all I know is that I seemed to have no side effects from the zapping.

When I had another cancer appear last year, I underwent chemo this time, and must admit I did not use it during treatment. Initially I did during surgery, but my onc wasn’t too happy with it, and to be honest putting another substance into me was just something I couldn’t handle.

Since finishing treatment, I have not used it, but should the need arise I am positive I will do so.

Anne x

Hi Vertangie,

Can you recommend any remedy for hot flushes that can be used with tamoxifen. Must not be oestrogenic.
Best wishes
Andrea x

I haven’t had any dealings with flushes yet but I know there are some remedies but I wouldn’t advise anything specific because homeopathy is tailored to suit the user and the symptoms so a homeopath would ask you when they’re occurring and things like that.

I’m afraid I’d have to suggest that you talk to a homeopath or you could phone the Helios pharmacy as see if there’s any remedies that are known to work for most people.

I was given a book by Jan de Vries entitled Female Cancers and have been reading it thoroughly. I googled his name and managed to get an appointment to see him today. He has prescribed me with some stuff to boost my immune system and has advised me to stop eating diary. He was lovely and I am to back and see him in 2 months which will probably be after my 2nd chemo session. I spoke to my BCN today and she said it couldn’t hurt and also it can put other stuff on the table for when I see my oncologist. Not sure if this helps anyone but I feel that as long as they work along with orthodox medicines then it should be OK…


Thanks Lisa

That’s what I was hoping to hear.

I saw my mum for the first time since the op over the weekend and she came loaded with goodies for me. As I’ve been using Homeopathy for so long it’s likely that I know what’ll work for me already. Sadly a lot of people only turn to alternatives like Homeopathy when they feel they’ve already exhausted other options which is a shame because it’s so much more effective when you use it to keep you healthy.

I wonder what he gave you. My Mum said that Gelsemium if I start getting cold symptoms to bring the temp down while I go see a doc and another 1 whose name I can’t remember that she’s posting up to me.

Of course those are the remedies that suit me, yours may be different.

Hi Angie, and other ladies

Although it is a herbal remedy and not homeopathic the only ‘alternative’ medicine I was told to avoid is St John’s Wort as this could interact with the chemo. Other remedies I’ve used (as mentioned in another thread) have been to alleviate side effects rather than provide additional ‘treatment’. Arnica cream has been very good on sore veins and Nux Vom tablets to combat any nausea when I’m not due an anti sickness pill.

To Andrea - when I had my 1st dx in 2003 I went into an early menopause on Zoladex. The hot flushes were a nightmare and it’s very difficult to find herbal remedies which are not linked to natural oestrogen as it’s still not proven how this may affect you if you ER+. I found evening primrose oil good but starflower oil has as higher concentration of the active part so may be worth a try. Other ladies on here have reported good results and it’s not linked to natural oestrogen. I found after a pretty horrible 12 months that my symptoms (flushes etc) got better but this was having had my ovaries turned off at the height of their prime so not completely unexpected I suppose. I was also on Tamoxifen but when my 2 yrs of Zoladex finished I have had very few hot flushes and certainly very bearable. Hope this helps. In terms of homeopathic remedies it is worth checking these out and seeing if there’s something to suit you.

Nicky x

Hi, I came to homeopathy after being diagnosed. My homeopath is pretty much preaching to the converted, though, as I’m a student chiropractor!

First quick win was the hot flushes! Remedy to support liver, et voila, no more flushes! I chose my homeopath because she is particularly interested in cancer and also has a close colleague who used to be a cancer nurse. Also, I can walk to her house, which is handy. Jacky is great as she carefully checks out each remedy before prescribing. When I was sick after the last chemo, she gave me a remedy to help me start drinking again (was too poorly to face water). From my experience, I would say don’t buy over the counter homeopathic remedies but go and see a practitioner who can listen to you and treat you as a whole person.

Something I’ve found interesting is when Jacky doe kinesiology-type testing to see if different things are good for me. I’ve started to do it at home to when I look at food and wonder if it’s good for me or not and my ‘feeling’ is so often right that I’ve started to follow my instincts a lot more.

Grossest remedy so far has been one made from very dilute tumour!!!

Anyway, I’m really pleased at how things are going and am sure I wouldn’t feel as well as I do without Jacky’s help. This is not to say I never feel crap, or don’t get tired, but at least I can feel pretty normal a lot of the time.

Hi Vertangie,

I am a great believer in complementary medicine, I have used homeopathy for years, I was due to start my training last Sep for Indian head massage but as I was diagnosed in July that has had to be put on hold. My sister did hers so have my own little massager on tap when I need a chill out,.

I was also in your position because my onc was totally against it or any vitamin supplements while I was having chemo, he gave me examples of various herbal and other interactions including st Johns wort which actually stop chemo getting to the cells properly, I was torn but went to see my homeopath and she gave me a remedy to support my liver and kidneys and immune syastem etc to prepare my body for chemo. I did not have anything during chemo only lots of fresh veg and fruit juices for vitamins. Following chemo I have seen her again to get a rebuild remedy and then I had my 3 ops and had lots of numbness and nerve pain, I was not able to drive so over phone she recommended arnica and hypericum for nerve pain which has been brill.
I had acupunture a few days before every chemo and I had no nausea or vomiting, I had it at my local cancer care centre in Barnet in North London.

I think it difficult decision butI felt I had to go along with onc whilst on chemo, cos if I had a prob or reoccurance I would always wonder is it was that,

Everyone has to make a decision thats right for them
Good luck with chemo
always here if you need a chat
Dawn x
Take care
Dawn X

My Mum uses Iscador - a homeopathic med. She gets this on NHS and visits Glasgow hospital for this: She now injects herself at home and its effects are certainly good.

Hope this helps

No evdience that iscador works on cancer…waste of money that it is prescribed under NHS. I blame the Prince of Wales myself.


I hate admit no one’s mentioned iscador to me, and I’m pretty sure my Mum would have if she believed it had any merit.

But if it helps your mum damhead222 why not, homeopathy’s pennies usually, is this expensive for some reason?

Lots of cancer patients in Germany and Switzerland are given Iscador (mistletoe) products to prevent recurrence. I thought of trying it myself but couldn’t face the thought of trying to inject myself in the stomach every day - just squeamish I suppose. If you Google it there are lots of references to it and what it is supposed to do.I’ve been very interested in Dr David Servan-Schreiber’s book which suggests taking Tumeric and green tea tablets amongst other things, which I take anyway having done quite a lot of info finding on the internet. We none of us know what will really work, or not, but I like to think I’m trying to do something to help myself. It may all be physcological (spelling?) - but hey I can live with that! I hope!

A friend of mine is a homeopath and has recommended i take arnica prior to my operation next month, to prevent bruising, or at least to ease it.She charges a lot of money though and i can’t afford to go and wouldn’t feel right her giving me the advice etc for nothing.I mentioned this to the surgeon yesterday and he said there’s no problem with me taking arnica and a multivitamin tablet if i feel the need, so i went and bought both today (he said not to use arnica cream after the op as it stings?), the trouble is, i’m not sure how to take the arnica!! or when to start it before the op.I bought a pack of 30c arnica and the pharmacist just said to take some a couple of days before but she said she wasn’t able to tell me how many! I also started my arimidex today,and am horribly tired probably due to not sleeping too well, so don’t wan t to overload my system.Any ideas???

I took arnica for 5 days prior to my mastectomy 11 months ago. Afterwards, there was no pain at all and certainly no bruising around the wound - for a couple of days it just felt as though a small pony had kicked my chest, that was all. I didn’t even need paracetamol.

I’m up for reconstructive surgery towards the end of this year and will be consulting with one of my yoga teachers who is also a homeopath, not only to discuss arnica, but also anything else which may prepare my body to accept the operation. I mentioned this to the plastic surgeon and he had no objection, but just expressed concern over “anything herbal” - presumably Chinese medicine type stuff.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

I took arnica 30c as part of the post surgery mix I was given and I took 1 tablet every couple of hours for the first day post surgery and then jsut a few times a day for about 2 weeks.

The post surgery mix also has stuff for nerve repair and pain so that you don’t need so many pain killers so actually helps take the strain of the body post surgery as anaesthetics great stuff but a strain on the liver apparently so it helps to drink loads of water and only take pain killers if you’re actually in pain I was told.

I healed lovely and fast one of the best combos I’ve ever used. I think Helios can give you the mix. It’s used in the London Homeopathic hospital post operatively apparently.

Hope this helps



My experience of homeopathys is very limited but I wanted to ask Angie or anyone else who has or is using it what, if any, help the NHS gives towards homeopathic treatment?

I have always used arnica for myself (after mx) and for my kids (any fall etc) and OH (same, apart from mx!)

I have intermittently suffered from alopaecia over past 10 years and went to see a homeopath when it first happened and the small black round things certainly started my hair growing back (although white at 26!).

I believe in the power of complimentary medicines etc but as you say Angie you need to see a qualified one rather than just pluck stuff off the shelf at Boots (apart from arnica :slight_smile: and, what with the cost of life etc I wonder what, if any national or regional (I live 20 miles outside Bristol) support there is for this on the NHS.

Do you know Angie? x

That’s a really good question actually.

Before my Mum qualified I always tried to make sure I had a GP that had some understanding of Homeopathy or was a homeopathist themselves. The sad thing is a lot of people don’t realise that you can find a GP that has a wider than average training, ie other specialities.

I’ll message you with a link in a moment but the British Homeopathic Association has a information on where to find a GP that’s also qualified as a homeopath. My Last GP down in Brighton was in training but as such he understood my reluctance towards things like antibiotics and was very good at referring to appropriate specialists such as a podiatrist, he could have prescribed pain killers but recognised an early onset joint problem and sent OH to a man who knew how to fix it before it became a problem.

So that’s one way in which the NHS can help but other than that it’s the 5 special hospitals that use it. I’ll PM you with the rest of it.

so, did anyone take arnica in the days leading up to surgery?? I’d be interested to know about the mix you took,vertangie…anything to make all of this a bit easier…

Hi Narnia!

I took arnica pills for 3 days before surgery and a week afterwards on the advice of the hospital nurses who said the wound healing was SO much better than in women who didn’t take anything. They had finally got the surgeons to endorse this after 2 years of trying, because the surgeons had to admit what a difference it made. My scar from a WLE in June this year healed without any problems and with no bruising at all. So go for it!!