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Just wondered if anyone out there had tried homeopathy whilst having chemo or were you advised by onc not to. I have a great homeopathist who is recommendng all sorts but i am worried in case it might interfere with chemo drugs. Also, does anyone take vitamins to boost immune system - i thought that it would be a good idea to take selenium ace but then read that vitamins can actually stimulate cancer cells to become healthy again, a bit like feeding them. Anyone got an clear understanding of whether we’re safe to take them or not?? Also, i’m avoiding dairy after reading jane plant book, is anyone else convinced by the no dairy theory?

best wishes all for a very merry christmas Carrie x

Hi Carrie

We would always recommend that you consult your medical team before taking any vitamins or complementary therapies.

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Hi Carrie,

I was advised my my consultant to take Selenium, but again, it’s down to whether it’s recommended for your personal use. I also take calcium & vitamin D supplements. I’m not eating dairy & have found almond milk to be quite nice (smells like marzipan!). I know people who have tried homeopathy, I take herbal meds myself from my medical herbalist, but they took a long time researching my type of cancer & contra-indications before they prescribed anything, and again, I checked with my consultant first. Personally it’s helped me a lot with my side effects, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

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My onc said it was fine to try alternative therapies which were “outside” but not to take any supplements or anything as no-one could tell how they might affect the effects of the chemo.

There is a useful site on which you can check for interactions

My onc was dismissive about the supplements I showed him. He just said don’t take soya supplements.

I’ve found this whole area of vitamins and supplements quite bewildering, there is so much written from sources I can’t be completely sure of. In the end I’ve gone for eating healthy and whole foods but would have appreciated a bit more information. Most of us on chemotherapy are on the same drugs so I had hoped to find a central reliable source of information but I never have.
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I agree with the previous postings - there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer. I did take homoeopathic remedies early in my diagnosis, and although the practioner wanted me to continue taking them during chemo I decided not too.
My onc asked me not to also, and I just felt I want the chemo to do its job, and get to every cell in my body. If any supplements are for boosting cell metabolism or cell rejuvenation I don’t want any cancer cells to benefit!
I have found the debate on soya to be even more confusing - there are two distinct schools of thought - one who say that phyto-oestrogens block oestrogen receptors on tumours, and the other that says avoid phyto-oestrogens if you are oestrogen positive. ?
Like Pauline I have just tried to eat lots more fruit and veg, stopped smoking on the day I was diagnosed, hardly drink alcohol, and once chemo is finished and I’ve got the energy will be starting a regular exercise programme. I’m hoping it’s not too late for these changes!
I too am still looking for a central reliable source of info!
Happy Boxing Day everyone
Tracey x

hi to everyone who responded to this and many thanks for giving me benefit of your experiences. I spoke to my oncologist about this yesterday and he basically said that because it was still unknown whether or not certain vitamins can boost cells including the cancer ones, it is better for me to not take any supplements for now but to take selenium and a multi vit once my treatment is finished. i thought this was good advice. he didn’t have any problem with me taking homeopathic remedies whilst on chemo. i am also strangely concerned about fact that i am now eating like a horse after my initial week after chemo when my appetite is poor, i more tahn make up for it and eat lots of chocolate too but am only maintaining my weight, not losing but not gaining. normally i would gain pounds if i ate chocs and takeaways. onc said he wasnt concerned as i have time to gain weight as most people put on when taking tamoxifen and with herceptin so i’ll make the most of it for now!

thanks again xx