Honey dew lemon with a Hershey’s kiss on top


Just an update from me so Thursday I had my wide excision biopsy… think I scared nurses and parents as took a loooong time to come round, my body shuts down when in pain or hurt and I hibernate so took a long time to wake up.

Today I’m going to take my first shower woohoo. I am using humour here to help me and it made me giggle so thought I’d share my observations (I am not making light of this but if it makes someone else giggle too then great)

So I have 3 weeks to wait for results meanwhile I am keeping myself amused by watching the amazing bruising I can only describe today’s view as a yellow honey dew melon with a Hershey’s kiss on top… yes my nipple is massive, I hope they put it back together right and it goes back down. I recorded last nights poldark as didn’t want to risk being excited by him as god forbid what would happen to the nipple if there was a topless scene ??‍♀️?




Hello and welcome to the forum. 


I must admit they have to watch me as my blood pressure dips a lot after an aneasthetic, I always warn them just in case :slight_smile:


It is amazing isnt it that there can be so many colours in a bruise as it starts to dissipate.


Loving your sense of humour, it will go down well on here


Helena xxx