Hope it's not a silly question...

Hope it’s not a silly question…

Hope it’s not a silly question… Sorry, I’m new to all this - only diagnosed a couple of weeks ago - but if a woman is well endowed, do they sometimes use part of the good side to reconstruct the side that’s had surgery?

I asked the consultant and my OH collapsed in a fit of giggles. I think the doc didn’t write it off entirely but sort of said they would cross those bridges later. I don’t know whether he was just humouring me.

Actually mine are so heavy they cause me back aches and so forth so the thought of two “half sized” breasts sounds like a beneficial side effect of the necessary surgery.

I have to do chemo first to try and shrink the lumps because they are currently quite large, so probably some kind of surgery will be just before Christmas.


Hi Mousy Sorry about your diagnosis, this site is a real help with support and info.

I was diagnosed in January this year and had was a 38F. I have not heard of using some of the ‘good’ boob to replace breast tissue in a lumpectomy or mastectomy, but I did get my other side reduced at the same time as my recon. I am now a 38D (ish).

No question is silly - it’s the only way to find out things!

Take care


‘good boob’ Hi Mousy

As far as I am aware the use of the other boob would be a big no go area for anyone who has had BC. I am having my DIEP on5th July and am currently a 38D, would like to be a C if possible.

I can’t see they will have any problem as my tummy is more than sufficient!!!

Good luck

jan x

No silly Qs - there are only silly answers Hello Mousy

Sorry you’re a member of such a club.

I have very recently enquired about using my own tissue to “supplement” a recon instead of an implant. I don’t believe it’s as simple as moving a piece of tissue but there’s a thread on here dating back 2 years, and updated this May, concerning lipo modeling. This is using tissue from e.g. your abdomen or thigh in your new breast instead of an implant. My surgeon won’t do it cos I’ve no spare tissue (so he says!) but he is also agin it because the long term effects on the moved tissue are not yet known and there are risks of puckering etc. That said, the lady (Sue?) who started the original thread, seems to have had an excellent result - her lady surgeon is in Glasgow and seems to be the UK pioneer of the technique.

Going back to the main point of your question though I’d say it is almost certain that your healthy breast would not be used to augment the unhealthy one although I daresay surgeons would offer you reduction to achieve symmetry.

Wishing you well in the days ahead and DO take it one day at a time.


Many thanks for the replies.

Funny thing is a few years ago when I started having back problems[1] my GP asked if I would consider breast reduction. At the time I thought it sounded a bit of a radical approach and wasn’t keen, but now I’m thinking if they’re going to be remodelling at some stage anyway, maybe the time is right.

I’m currently 44F so anything that helps me get a bra that holds me up without having to be so tight it brings on my reflux sounds like a good idea to me.



[1] coincidentally around the time my first son got to be about 3 months old and often not sleeping in the daytime unless he was in the baby bjorn… (ouch - he was 9 lbs 6 oz at birth)

Big decision Iv’e just had my first appointment with Mrs Brain the Plastic Surgeon, lovely lady, she has informed me of the two recons I can have, the 1st is the one taken from the back muscle with a inplant to give shape etc, and the 2nd is the trans flap!! taken from the stomach, (I think this is the name for it) she said it takes at least 7 hours because it’s using micro surgery to join all the blood vessels etc together, I have so far read up on this procedure but I don’t know what to do, I would appreciate any advice from anybody who has had either just so I can make an informed decision, how was the pain, ? how did you find the operation, being worried about surgery etc, any information would be greatfully received.

Thank you Lorri 1

Hi Lorri

I had a DIEP flap ( taken from the tummy) in July 2006. I was very worried before the op but I was surprised how quickly I recovered and my breast is a very natural shape. I had a bit of pain in the recovery room (nothing awful had about the same when I had a cyst removed on my ovary) but they immediately gave me more morphine and that knocked me out and after that I would say it was more soreness than anything. It is a major op and you have to be prepared to not be running around as normal for several weeks but I felt it was worth it after all I have to live with this for the rest of my life and I might as well make it the best I can.
Hope this is of some help and whatever decision you make works out well.

Thanks for the reply Hi Beverley,
Thanks for replying, I didn’t think anyone would see the posting as I’m always putting them in the wrong place so I have re-done it and put it as a heading, I have a lot of thinking to do, is the diep the same as the trans flap? why I’m asking is because the word diep didn’t come up in conversation, is it the same as taking a chunk from your stomach with muscle and all and reattaching it to the chest wall, also putting in a mesh to stop any future hernias occuring? this is all very confusing, I have had one appointment with the PC and I have to make another for further discussion, I need to be armed with questions etc.

thanks again. Lorri