Hopeful question about hair....

OK. here it goes:
I am having Adriblastin+Endoxan chemo, 2 down, 2 to go. (it is red stuff, I guess similar to the stuff you get with some chemistry differences). After this, I’ll have 4 cycles of Taxol.

14 days to the hour after my first chemo, I started shedding really loads of hair, and I shaved my head to a n. 3. Since then, I had my number 2 chemo (one week ago). but I still have about 50% of my hair (I see the spikes), it keeps growning, and my scalp doesn’t hurt anymore… and I am not shedding much anymore, just one or two hair now and then - normal.

I don’t mind to have shaven as anyway it would have loads of patches, but could that be it? Is it possible that I will keep the stuff I have, keep growing it, and eventually see what fell off grow up again? :smiley: that would be immensily cheerful, but perhaps I’m better off not getting my hopes up…

Hi Lilith

I had 3 FEC for which I wore the cold cap (oooooohhhh misery!!) and kept a good half I think. Then I went to 12 weekly lots of taxol and could bear cold capping no longer. I am on number 9 now and have hair still - I wear those half scarves with elastic underneath from Claire’s Accessories! I was told it would continue to thin but the taxol wouldn’t cause complete alopaecia in the way the epi did… so who knows! You could keep it although a bit less of it!

Good luck!!


Thanks a bunch, Liza…
Funny thing is, I didn’t do the cold cap, because doc said that I would loose all my hair anyway. Now - I am bald as I am shaven, but the fuzz on my head looks quite persistent. I am going to tell off the doc nicely, because frankly, I’ve been totally miserable over loosing my hair.

I have vision of hair for Xmas… :)))))