Hormone blockers

hi all, I’ve had my lumpectomy and will soon start radiotherapy, they are wanting to put me on hormone blockers as my cancer was ER positive HER negative. Everything that I have found on this site is really bad side effects. Does anyone have anything positive to say that is on these drugs? 

Hello @julie_123  

the majority of breast cancers are hormone receptive and consequently most ladies are prescribed hormone therapy which seeks to block the hormones and stop the breast cancer recurring. 
The problem with searching online on any topic is we tend to go online to look for help and consequently you are far more likely to read about problems than hearing from ladies who have minimal side effects from taking them. 
I would suggest talking to your breast cancer team and/or ring the helpline at the top of the page for further advice and to discuss your personal concerns. 
I am currently taking Tamoxifen and experiencing very few side effects that I aren’t manageable 

AM xxx

Hi Julie

I have been taking Letrozole for 4 months with the same diagnosis as you say here and I have experienced  very minimal side effects to date.

Best wishes 


Yep. Doing great on them and seven months down. My doctor said most people do fine if they stay active. Yes, there are people who don’t and remember you can mostly find them on-line so you’re getting a skewed perspective if that’s all you’re seeing. The rest of us are just living our lives.


Mine was ER & HER2 positive. I started Anastrazole in Aug last year and at first I thought my tiredness in the Autumn/winter was due to it, but I’m now sure it was the effects of the radiotherapy which I finished on 1st Aug. I’ve felt pretty much back to my normal self since about February.

The only effect I sometimes feel is a bit of stiffness in my hips, but find gentle walking & yoga helps. 

Well I am five days into tamoxifen which was their drug of choice. I know it’s early days but nothing other than a metal taste and a bit of lightheadedness so far nothing nasty to report, long May it continue  

Hi there,

I had a lumpectomy last September and radiotherapy last December. I have been taking tamoxifen since October.

I have had side effects, but overall they are not too bad. Especially now I am eating more plant based meals.

It’s a decision to take them, personally I would rather take them and keep that risk of recurrence as low as possible.

I have read a lot about the importance of exercise in the risk of recurrence as well. Especially doing a small amount of weight lifting - doesn’t need to be heavy ones you can start off with tins of beans!

Good luck with your decision x

2 weeks after my radiation ended I started on the lowest dose 5 mg to gradually go up to 10 mg. I was hoping that I would not experience any of the side effects since I am only going to be on 5 mg for 3 weeks and will gradually go up to 10 mg. Within 1 hour of taking the pill I started retaining water and could tell my mood got so bad. On 5 mg the most noticeable side effects that affected the quality of my life were:

Depression ( I am not normally depressed)

Frequent urination at night and decreased urination during the day

Severe insomnia - would not and could not fall asleep for hours