Hope someone can help! I’ve been told my bc is hormone positive, therefore I will go on Tamoxifen once chemo finishes. Thats all I was told. Yet having read other comments on here, I note that people seem to be told exactly the amount, i.e. 2/8 etc. I don’t understand what it means and whether its better to be higher or lower. I’m wondering whether to ask my bcn?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Krissy x


They score out of 8 for hormones during the biopsy.

Obviously the higher you score the more hormone receptors there are.

I’m only 2/8 & my onc classes that as a negative & as I’m also HER2- my cancer is triple negative.

Might be worth asking your BCN what your score was just so you know.


Hi Krissy - the higher the number the more responsive the tumour is to the hormone… My PR was 6/8 and officially my ER was 8/8 but they said it was actually off the scale… There is no way i am going to give up taking tamoxifen as mine was so high… They should have your pr and er scores by now… my herceptine result took abit longer to come back…

Theresa x

Thank you both very much for that. Like I said I haven’t been told anything other than I need Tamoxifen. It would be nice to have the actual information. Will give bcn a ring.

Much appreciated

Love Krissy xx

Hi Theresa

Well got back from seeing onc regards arm problem and found out my bc is actually lobular and not ductal like I thought it was. I also asked about the er and pr and they are both 8/8, the HER2 was negative. I’m more enlightened now ha ha!

Thanks again

Krissy x