I know my lump was hormone positive and I will be going on arimidex, but is there anything I should be doing to help my self…yes I am over weight so obviously do need to lose weight…but anything else…I’ve read so much and things are getting confusing, is to much dairy food bad? anything else, I am a veggie but not a very good one, as in I don’t replace meat with anything else…
any advice/sites to check out, don’t see my onc for a couple of weeks yet so need to check things out beforehand incase I need to ask him anything…cheers

Hi Tally

My lump was hormone receptive too and I am on Letrozole. I do have dairy but have changed to organic milk and yoghurt. I avoid soya because it contains phyto-oestrogens, but I don’t like it anyway.

There is so much controversy over what to eat/not eat, that in the end I think it just comes down to personal preference. There are many books on the subject and many threads on here, eg there is one called “So confused!!!”. Take your choice!

Ann x

Hi Tally I started taking Arimidex 3 weeks ago I do try to eat a healthy diet but often go off the rails as I do like my food and am overweight. No real bad side effects as yet but I do have a tender mouth but not sure if it is the tablets. I take my tablet in the morning which seems best for me as I was still having hot flushes before taking the Arimidex so incase they became worse at night I did’nt want to risk having sleepless nights also another person on here changed from evening to morning which helped her.I also take mine after breakfast rather than on an empty tum.
Hope all goes well it is worrying as there is so much bad press about these tablets but if they help keep away the cancer and its copeable I will persevere. take care love linda x

Hi Tally

Here’s the Arimidex publication from BCC which you may find useful, I have also posted links to our 'Eating well being active ’ dvd and our ‘Diet and breast cancer’ booklet:




Hope these are useful.

Best wishes

HI Tally
Like you I want there to be something I can do to prevent my cancer returning. I have always refused to accept that I was únlucky’ to get cancer. I makes me feel like a victim. Why me more than others? My lifestyle before bc was pretty lazy - sedentary job, no meaningful exercise, have eaten what I’ve liked, when I liked, as I’m thin and don’t put on weight, and suffered enormous amounts of stress in work and with teenage kids. Looking back now that’s a toxic mix!

Then I read a truly inspiratinal book called The Anti-cancer diet by Dr David Serven -Schreiber. In it he explains how our life style can contribute to cancer through eating foods rich in omega 6 fats and covered in pesticides, allowing stress to de activate the crucial killer t cells in our immune system, thereby allowing cancer cells to grow, a lack of exercise and chemical polutants in our society. Thsi is such a gross inadequate summary of his book I am guilty of doing it an injustice. But for me, it has given me a focus. There is something I can do to prevent this happening again. I have improved my diet, have started walking as a form of exercise but am planning to invest in an exercise bike and I have asked my GP to be referred for CBT , to help me deal with the high levels of stress I face in work through my perfectionist personality. Good luck with your own efforts!!
Annys xx

Hello Tally
I too have hormone receptor positive cancer and also enjoyed the book anny has mentioned. I am going to have another read now as I’m halfway through Rads and preparing for the next phase (getting my life back, hopefully!). I’m also seeing a gynaecologist this week about having my ovaries out as my receptor status is 8/8 and I’m not sure I’m menopausal (no periods since chemo but regular breast pain/tenderness like previous period pattern) - plus I have had a recurrence of bc, so feel like I have to do everything possible to contain the monster.
what I liked about the book was that it was about more than diet, and talked about stress, exercise etc and felt like an approach that made sense to me (I have found some books haranguing, don’t know about anyone else!!)
anyway, hope everyone does well and finds a way through it all
monica xx

Hi everyone,
Its such a minefield isnt it, knowing whats best to do or not do to improve our chances of keeping the cancer at bay . All my med team ever say is a good balanced diet ,exercise 5 fruits ect. Ive read so much in the last few years that im just more confused . I swopped to organic milk when i was DX because of the hormones in cows milk, though they say that in this country that they dont inject the cows like in america, i eat as much organic as i can mainly because im fed up of all the additives and perservatives in food these days, i avoid Soya because of the plant oestrogens, and i stopped using deoderant after DX too, because i read a study from Dr Philippa Darbre ( a senior lecturer in oncology) who did a study at the university of Reading regarding parabens and breast cancer(parabens mimic oestrogen), they tested 20 breast tumours and found parabens on the tumour samples so even while current thinking says there is no proven link with deoderants and BC never the less i dont think its right that parabens should be found on tumours so now i dont use them at all. Almost everything we are exposed to these days seem to be full of chemicals /parabens ect everything from our household cleaning stuff to the make up and skin care we use on our bodies. ( check out Safe Cosmetics Campagin) another good read which astonished me.I expect at the end of the day there are many factors at play and all we can do is make our own judgements on what we feel is best for us and hope it helps. Apparently there is even oestrogen in our water tut, all i know is cancer seems to be constantly on the increase and i think we proberly all know someone if not ourselves who has had it, it certainly is a minefield knowing what to do for the best, i too dont believe that we were just unlucy , somehow our immune systems have become weakened to get cancer in the first place and it always amazes me that none of the medical teams consentrate on ways to build that up as this must be the most important factor in staying cancer free , Anyway thanks for letting me have that little rant lol, feel better for that.
All the best to you all
Linda x

Agree with everything you say Lindiloo. I’ve stopped anti-perspirants too and am dreading the summer. Hate deoderants because of the smells (I always used fragrance free anti - persp) and would worry anyway about the parabens in those. I started using some Body Shop products because some, but sadly not all,are paraben free.

I am heartily fed up with every medic I see teling me I’m one of the unlucky ones. None of them recommend a change of life style. The explosion in cancer cases since the second world war should really be an indication that modern society’s dependence on highly processed foods, intensively reared animals, chemicals in the home and the environment and our sedentary, stress fuelled lives might be having an effect on out immune systems. That’s what I hold onto anyway. It gives me something to focus on as I am worried that my remaining breast is at risk. I’m 50 and have a lot of living to do (Ihope). I don’t want to be constantly worried- am I going to be unlucky again?
Annys xx


I agree totally with what you say about parabens etc. You would probably enjoy reading CANCER Step Outside the Box. It is very interesting to say the least and covers alot of what you are both saying. I have a filter system fitted to my water to prevent chlorine infecting the water I drink. I also use flouride free toothpaste. It is right what you say about it being a minefield but I think in my opinion that having a top notch immune system is the biggest help towards fighting things like cancer as well as other diseases.

Take Care

Krissy x

Hi all
With regards to parabens, I have tried to use face and body moisturisers without parabens for some years now, after working out that they made my flushes worse. I also read at the time that parabens mimic female hormones and figured these were affecting me. Didn’t stop me getting BC though!
As someone else said, there are so many chemicals in our everyday lives, wh is to say what they re doing to us.Only problem is, the organic, paraben and SLS free stuff is so expensive.

Love to all

Hi ladies,
I have read Cancer Step Outside The Box too Krissy and it is a very good read isnt it, i also find the Cancer Active website interesting , the book “oestrogen killer in our midst” is a very good read aswell. for me i do believe that our enviroment today plays a huge part in cancer , like you annys if you go back to the second world war where people lived on rations, many had allotments and grew their own vegtables and stuff, people were poorer but much healthier, cancer was no where near as prevelent as it is today,infact it wasnt often that you heard of someone haveing cancer back then, i read somewhere recently that cancer is expected to rise by 30% over the next 10-20 years though treatments and survival rates are getting better all the time too, but why is
this ? why does cancer continue to be on the increase . i like most people didnt tick any of the “risk factors” for BC at all so was i
just Unlucky ?? im not convinced.
As i said earlier we must have had a weakened immune system to have got cancer in the first place ,something went wrong with our DNA/Cells, receptors,the on/off switch. Of course then after DX , we quite often need to have potencialy life saving teatments such as chemo/radiotherapy ect, ect which further weakens our immune systems , but no medical professionals ever seem to consentrate on how to treat this important issue . and to me although these potencialy life saveing treatments have hopefully got rid of the cancer ,the reason we got it in the first place is proberly still there , i realy do think sometimes the medical profession needs to look outside the box too and instead of waveing us bye bye and hope for the best after treatment, give us some clear guidence on how best to build our immunity back up to be as strong as it can be.
As it is we have to do our own research and figure it out for ourselves but Its so confusing as to know where to start and what to do for the best.
Another rant lol
take care
Love to all Linda x

Spot on Linda. I too was told by my consultant that I was unlucky. I had DCIS in 2005 and in Dec 2009 got Invasive Lobular Cancer Stage II as a primary cancer. My bcn also said I was unlucky. I was 36 the first time around and now I’m 40. There is no history of bc in the family, I don’t smoke, I drink in moderation and like you said, I didn’t hit any of the so called criteria they mention, so it leaves me feeling very much of the opinion that our general living styles weaken our immune system making us more susceptible to catching illnesses. 1 in 3 people get cancer in the UK and in America 1 in 2 women will get cancer (the statistics say).

Thats my rant over too :-))

Pargayan - it is true sadly that alot of the stuff which is good for us tends to be more expensive :frowning:

Take care

Love Krissy x

Thanks ladies, given me plenty to chew on…

I also wonder about outside influences, having worked in a pharmaceutical manufacturers for 17 years it makes me think…we did saccharin and sweetex, which had to get shut down when the FDA came round to visit, as well as other carcinogenic and I can remember quiet a few cases of breast cancer with the ladies, but at the time I didn’t know what was what…young sweet and innocent, (I mean after all the ladies where old…50ish…of course I know better now)…could there be a connection after all these years…and my mobile phone, it’s in by breast pocket of my coat, right next to the area of my cancer…I suppose we could go on for ages with what if’s…but if I can do something to help myself now, I will

Hi ladies I have been reading your posts with very much interest.
With food so easily accessed so many children and adults graze on and off all day I am sure obesity has a lot to do with ill health as well as the rubbish we are all eating. I remember times when people sat round a table at meal times and ate their meal and had nothing else until the next mealtime surely it must have been better for you all the available treats were kept for just that.
You see children drinking these cans of drinks on a daily basis as they have regular money to spend.

Just one more thing I really believe grief and stress contributes towards some illnesses. This is just my opinion and no I am not a health freak I am overweight and have BC and love chocolate and crisps( although I try to have them as an occasional treat lol)

take care love Linda xxx

Hi Ladies

What an interesting thresd. I so agree with everything all you ladies have said. I, too, have read The Anti Cancer Diet by Dr David Serven-Schreiber and also his book Healing Without Freud or Prozac. I tend to over-stress and have developed a heart condition called Atrial Fibrillation since being diagnosed with ER+/Her2+ BC in Dec 06. His books are easy to read and full of helpful advice. I’ve also read Oestrogen - Killer in Our Midst.
I’m also interested in the connection between Candida (a yeast overgrowth) and cancer. I’ve read it suppresses the immune system. It’s growth is encouraged by having an acidic body caused by eating certain foods. This causes inflammation in the tissues/cells which then become compromised and don’t work as efficiently as they should - hence an inadequate immune system.
Annys - what is CBT? I’m a fusspot and strive for perfection. My personality has been described as ‘spikey’! Would CBT help me?

Take care
Jibby X

CBT is cognitive behavioural therapy - I have no personal experience of it, but I know it is used to treat obsessive compulsive disorder - so may well help with a perfectionist personality.

Jibby - CBT is cognitive behaviour therapy. I don’t know too much about it but have just been informed that my first appt is 12th April and I’m quite excited about it. I hope I’m going to learn stratgeies to hekp me cope with my negative outlook on life and to help me deal with stress. I’ll let you know hopw my first appt goes. By the way, there’s a long waiitng list for it- I had to wait 4 months so if you are interested you need to see your GP sooner rather thasn later.
Annys xx