Hormone treatment following Prosigna result

Good evening ladies 

I’ve had a WLE and SNB for a ER+ PR+ HER2- tumour. My lymph nodes were clear but there was LVI. I’ve just finished 10 sessions of radiotherapy. I’m 43 and have 2 young daughters, and my husband has a life limiting condition so survival is key…
My oncologist recommended a prosigna test and I got the results yesterday. I have an intermediate risk of metastatic recurrence and as such he’s recommending a belt and braces approach to hormone treatment. I’d anticipated tamoxifen but he is now suggesting I consider ovarian suppression or removal and an AI along with bone strengthening infusions. 
Has anyone had any experience of this? I’m feeling pretty flawed and back to the dark early days of diagnosis where I can’t seem to find any positives. I’d be really interested to hear about experience of ovarian suppression. I’m premenopausal at the moment and have regular periods and the thought of suppression injections is scary. 

Thank you in advance 

Jen x 

Just to add I know survival is key for all of us! Didn’t mean to sound flippant… x

Ovarian suppression and an AI is pretty common here in the US for premenopausal women so I’ve been on it since early November. So far so good. No real bad side effects to speak of and it does have better long term recurrence rates for those of us with intermediate and high scores than tamoxifen does. Bone strengthening injections aren’t always given though with them here. I think it depends on your Dexa score. Mine was normal upon starting so I don’t have them. If they get worse then I imagine that’s where the conversation will start. If you want to avoid one drug at least you can ask for a Dexa scan and see where you are bone wise and then just get regular checkups and if your scans get worse go from there. But as far as suppression goes at least on my end I haven’t noticed much of anything. 

On another note though bone building drugs can also reduce the chances of recurrence so maybe you do want to start them now. Some people don’t have many side effects with them either.