Horner's syndrome

Hi very new and very confused. 3 years since primary and now have some small secondaries in lungs. have just been told scan showed a tiny increase in tumour sizes. Onc. not too worried but a recent eye test showed I may have Horner’s syndrome also had some head pain (MRI was clear ) also scan showed fluid around heart so have gone from comparitively stable to totally confused and worried sick.Onc. says she will sart me on Capecitabane but don’t know when. See her again week after next. Anyone had similar experiences. Never heard of Horner’s syndrome, just something else to worry about. Love to all

Hi,Mrs b, sorry I don’t know anything about Horner’s syndrome. But cap can be a very successful treatment and more tolerable than most chemos . When you see your onc pin her down to a starting date. We all understand how scary it can be waiting to start treatments. Write you questions down so you don’t forget to ask her. There is a a cap thread on here which may be of help. I’ll bump it up.
Huge hugs,Helen xxxx
Ps we tend to hang out on the bone mets thread regardless of where our mets are. We are a very friendly bunch,we are full of advice.support,hugs and we even have a laugh. Xxxxx

Dear Miss Brahms,

Really sorry you’re going through this and the worry and pain.  My aunt is going through something very similar and I know it started with Horners.  She’s doing okay right now after having had treatment.  I think like you it affected her lungs and also her eye went a bit funny as in droopy and she had a pain in her shoulder and her arm hurt.  Once she found the right treatment, things started to get better.

Thinking of you and sending you hugs

Ruby xxx

Hi Ann, have only just seen your thread as I tend to read only the bone mets one! I had Horners Syndrome dx back in 2004 and like you had never heard of it. Usually, I think, if it is noticed without previous history then mets in either lung or breast cancers would be suspect. In my case I already had been dx with bone mets and one of the early warning symptoms was a lot of enlarged lymph nodes in chest, collarbone and up through neck and jaw line. It was probably that which caused my horners - pressure on a nerve from one of those enlarged lymph nodes. But from what I read rads in the chest area can also cause horners - and I think you said you had had rads 2x previous so that too could have been the cause - or your lung tumour as you said. I hadn’t even noticed my horners, but when I told a good friend she said that she had noticed but didn’t like to say!! My pupil to this day is still different to the other one but I don’t think my eyelid droops noticeably.


Love the news about your new grandchild due in August - it is so good to have something to look forward to when we have to live with this disease. My daughter has managed to give us 3 in the space of 2 years when I never thought I would live to see our grandchildren born and they have given us so much joy. Is this to be your first one or are you an old hand at it LOL.