Horse riding after op

Has anyone experience of riding after surgery ? . I had wle and snb ten days ago , I am still anxiously wtg for my results on 7 th aug and very very scared about that . However life goes on and I’m trying to be myself and not lose identity to the worry of it all . I have full movement back and have been driving cooking shopping etc this weekend . Would love to ride my pony ASAP but it will involve bouncing and giggling around . I’m aware of having internal stitches etc . Has anyone any experience / advice other than ’ don’t be blxxxdy stupid " !

Hi Debtex

There are a number of ladies on this site who ride, and have started to ride again after surgery.  Hopefully one of them will see your post now and get back to you.  It might be worth your while posting again in a different forum - perhaps living with breast cancer or the surgery forum.

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Jo, Moderator

Debtex, I also had a WLE and SNB, on 4th July. I used to ride (wish I could have kept it up) so I have some idea of the kind of movement involved.


I was driving shortish distances from just over a week after my op, with no problems. Two weeks after my op, without giving it a thought, I agreed to meet someone three-quarters of an hour drive away. Mistake! Although it was nearly all on smooth-ish roads, I guess partly because my car has sporty suspension (know about every bump) I was desperately sore on the way back - and very, very tired, probably not fit to drive by the time I got home. A month after the op, I still have a little swelling under my arm and have only in the last week been able to wear a proper supportive bra all day - essential for riding!


I advise more patience than I showed - maybe walk leading your pony, do some extra grooming (perfect exercise for the arm and shoulder, I would think), give your tack a deep clean - wear gloves for that. There is something very special about spending time with a horse, you are very fortunate to have that option.


Oh, and I agree with the Mod., post in the Surgery section too.

Thanks lucky lass for ur comments . My daughter rides the pony too a welsh sec c . I have been watching in the ménage and tempted to jump on when things not going to my liking ! She is v bouncy tho so I will heed ur words ! I don’t like asking at the hospital as it seems a frivolous question ! I will carry on with the grooming and bellowing advice to my daughter . I am also tempted to drive to bakewell show this wk but it’s v twisty and a gd hours drive one way . My husband has already raised his eyebrows at that … On reflection maybe not a gd plan . I hope that you have the best outcome with your next stage of treatment . I’m gittery about my results on Thursday and probably slightly irrational . X

I asked my BCN and she said not yet, as in give it at least six weeks. Well that’s spoiled my plans of lovely summers eve hacks. Mine was mx, it might be different for a WLE and also you may have a better recovery than me.
Hope your back riding soon:)
x x

Well it’s decision has been made for me . Have to have further small op on Thursday to get a bigger margin so no riding for another 6 weeks . I will post on the chemo thread as well but has anyone ridden during chemo and if so what did u wear under riding hat ? Deb xx ?

You too I miss riding don’t you ? Xx