Horsetail tea

I’ve developed really bad peeling on my feet, and consultant confirmed it was likely to be the chemo - despite my last dose being 7 weeks ago. Bad hand/foot issues is a likely side effect of the one I’ll be restarting with soon, too, so consultant recommended horsetail tea. I’ve never heard of it, so wondering if anyone else had any experience with it? What does it taste like, etc?

In case anyone is interested, her other recommendations were O’Keefe’s moisturiser (apparently loads better than the Zero Base), and Thousand Miles hiking socks.

@bookish  - I’m sorry to read about the peeling feet, I had that too, it was horrible. I’ve not heard of horsetail tea, but my tip was to use those socks that look like gloves, with each toe separately covered (if that makes sense), and they helped me a lot. I hope the peeling stops soon for you. Evie xx

Okeefes foot cream is wonderful, as is there hand cream for hands.