hospice care

Just wanted to reassure people who may have read snippets about me from here and there that I’m fine and relaxed at the hospoice whilst recovering from the radiotherapy to shrink my tumour that stops me swallowing.
I’ve hit the mid cooking phase of rads now so painful even to lift a pillow but being cared for so well here and the children love the gardens with all it’s ornamnets in etc and taht I’ve got my own en- suite room with patio and alcohol on tap. Free wifi access!!! No problems with getting pain under control and being looked after so well - not sure I wnat to go home!!!
I just wanted to reassure you all that a hospice is not a scary place to be and most of us here are for rehab so it is not scary for the children and I will be home soon and annoying you all again!!!
Hopefully, none of you will require the service of the hospice but if you are ever offered the opportunity then take it - I’ve had so much support here from the social workers, nurses and doctors and the domestic staff are wonderful getting my food as I need it and all so clean.
Love Kate

Hi Kate

I hesitated reading your post because the hospice care title scared me!!! So glad I did though. Sorry you have to be in there but glad that you’re happy with surroundings, service etc. Hope you’re back home soon with the family.

Good luck to us all.