Hospital advice

Hi all,

I’m due to have a mastectomy & reconstruction next Thursday. I am trying to be organised and just want to know what people recommend to take to hospital & what is vital afterwards/ once I get home to make life easier??

Thanks all :slight_smile:

I bought a V shaped pillow for when I got home - it’s been brilliant for sleeping as initially lying flat is very uncomfortable.


I have 2 sports bras from m&s - I was told to go up a band & a cup size. I tried my normal size on but had to go up a band size as it was v tight so went up another band for the one I bought. They are zip fronted. Also had lots of Bridget Jones pants - I was told up a size in medium control. I bought from ebay shop as m&s were expensive.


Lipsalve, snacks, a book & some trashy magazines were good too.


I lived in hospital gowns as it was easier when they did my observations.  I took some of my husbands shirts in & wore one home - drains take up a bit of room. A tote bag for drains was good too.


My op was on 18th September so I’m 10 1/2 weeks post surgery & feel good. Make sure you take it easy to start with!!


Good luck x

Hello HB, what reconstruction are you having and are any lymph nodes affected?

As tigerfeet says lip balm and things to occupy your mind! Wet wipes, breath freshener and dry shampoo are useful if you can’t move around much.

Front opening pjs are easier to put on as you may have restricted movement in your arm. Pjs not nighty make it easier with drains. Comfy elasticated trousers plus button up shirt and slip on shoes for going home.

Good bra. If you’re having DIEP or TRAM flap then high waisted support knickers and a kiddies’ sippy cup as sitting up can be difficult/painful.

Stock up in easy to prepare, healthy food at home. Change your bedding and hoover through before hospital day. Keep all necessary kitchen utensils, crockery, cooking essentials between waist and shoulder height.

Stock up on painkillers!

Do your exercises that the hospital physio gives you as that’s essential to your mobility and recovery.

A small pillow or cushion to put between you and the car seatbelt for your homeward journey.

Good luck. Hope all goes well x

Oh, and read the "what to take into hospital " thread above!