Hospital status?

Hospital status?

Hospital status? How do you find out if your hospital is a leading hospital in treating breast cancer, or just “treats bc” ?
Just interested to find out really. My local hospital has a breast unit so I asumed it was a specialist centre but think I could be wrong??

Is there a list? You can find out whether your surgeon is experienced at carrying out breast surgery/treatment. I don’t know whether there’s a list of centres of excellence for bc - maybe Cancer Research might have one?

Failing that - where is your hospital? There are enough experts on this forum to be able to tell you if it’s a specialist centre/

xx If this isn’t the right address just google Dr Foster. I think it will have the information you want. It’s certainly has interesting information.

Thanks Kelley I didn’t know about that site - it was very useful.


thanks for that I will give it a try.

Guide to hospitals on the Breast Cancer Care site If you go to
content.php?page_id=2989 on this site you will find a guide to the services in breast care offered by hospitals all over the UK. Just select the name of your hospital from the list under clinic, press viw then a list of services offerd will appear on the left hand menu.

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