Hospital stay for double mx & reconstruct?

    I have an appointment to meet and consult with my plastic surgeon on 10-23.  Then she and my breast surgeon are going to get together and set a 1 day appointment. To do the surgery, out with the old and in with the new. I’ told my hospital stay will be 24hrs or less.  Really???    It just doesn’t sound like the norm.

I don’t know how long for a mx I’m sure some ladies on here will help. I know it’s only a day case for a lumpectomy. Hope your ok xxx

I was told 5 to 6 days stay. The plastic surgeon doesn’t let patients go home with drains in. Hence the long stay. I’m glad because I would find it very hard to take it easy and do nothing so better off in hospital.


I had a double mx with reconstruction on the 14th October and was home on the 16th october. It was all very overwhelming at first but ok after a day or so. The worst part for me is the drains and the impact they have on you. The surgeon mentioned the drains but didn’t really go into much detail. I originally had 6 drains in hospital and came home with 4. My surgeon won’t remove drains unless they’re under 10ml for 24 hours. I’m hopefully having 2 drains removed tomorrow and hopefully the remaining 2 by the end of the week. I’m sure I’ll feel 100% better once they’re removed. Remember to take it very easy when you get home.

Im having a single masectomy (no reconstruction) on wednesday and my consultant told me if all is ok I can come out the same day or I can stay in overnight. Ive got 4 children so eager to get home but also lucky to have a fantastic husband that wont let me lift a finger so will just see how I feel afterwards :-)