Hot Flushes, any ideas to get rid of them ?

Hi There,
7 years of hot flushes and I am a bit fed up. They have been off and on since 2003
My hot flushes started after my chemo finished in Oct 2003, as my onc said at the time, they were not helped by 5 years of tamoxyfen or arimidex taken after. When they got worse during my chemo this year, my onc said it might be due to the steroids, but my last chemo was in September. They have come back with a vengeance since my oophrectomy 4 weeks ago, but at my age (56) I’m sure they were not doing much hormone producing for a few years.
At the moment, I take my wig and a few clothes off (or my duvet) until I cool down, then I get cold and put everything back on again. OK at home, however when I am out this is not possible. I often feel a bit faint too, so I have to sit down.
Any ideas folks ?
All the best to you all

Maria, I went to the GP, cutting out caffeine, light clothing etc didn’t work, I was prescribed clonedine which has calmed them down and they are less frequent. X

Hi Maria,
I’ve had them since my chemo in 2001 and find that Venlafaxine (Effexor) 37.5mg daily also really helps reduce their severity.

If you want a natural remedy I read ages ago (and made a mental note for the future) that sage tablets help with hot flushes. Was going to try it out when i start tamoxifen as have been having hot flushes with the chemo so am expecting them to occur,

Me thinks that it is not safe to take Sage , I shall go and Google.
Kat x

Loads of conflicting info. Have bumped up an old thread. Hope it helps. Kat x

My onc suggested Evening Primrose Oil, and so far that seems to be helping me.
Sarah x


know exactly what you are going through. Went to GP and he wouldn’t give me anything because of oestrogen based cancer and basically told me to put up with it !!! Not much help I know but please be very wary of any herbal stuff as if often mimic oestrogen so could be very dodgy for us.

Not been posting much as still in a dark place but am thinking of you and all the other lovely ladies on “your” thread !!

K x

Thank you Everyone,
It seemed like a simple question, but I can see it is more complicated than I thought.
My bc was hormone positive in 2003, but triple negative this time, so no more tamoxyfen now. I have the BRCA 1 mutation (hence the oophrectomy), so I don’t know where I stand now.
Please keep your thoughts and experiences coming. I won’t do anything rash anyway. I see my gynaecologist tomorrow and my onc in 3 weeks, so I can ask them, but the more ideas I have to bounce off them, the better.
All the best

My hot flushes were so bad that my onc put me on anti-depressants but I reacted badly to them. So I was referred to the local homeopathic hospital. I had an hour long appointment and at the end the doctor said she was hoping to be able to kick start my body again, as I have not been well for a couple of years since having the flu. I have now been on the “remedy” for 6 weeks. I haven’t noticed a major difference to the hot flushes but I have had a lot more energy and have only needed my inhaler for my asthma once in the last month. I have been told today it may take a little longer to control the hot flushes so I am persevering. If you have a homeopathic hospital near you it may be worth asking for a referal.

A chillow pillow gives great relief. Lovely and cool. You don’t have to just use them at night either and they come in normal size and a newish smaller size that I took on hols. Google chillow pillow.

I’ve suffered a lot with them and get the bad temper/anxiety etc, etc and was put on prozac last year. Helped a lot with mood swings and a bit with hot flushes. Didn’t want to go on prozac but had tried all sorts of other remedies without success. Some ladies swear by the ladycare magnet.

Good luck with finding something.

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Hi, never more surprised when we are given such different advice! I was told black cohosh is a big no, my GP cited nice guidelines on that. How confusing! X

Hi all

Please feel free to call our helpline team or use the ‘Ask the nurse’ email service for further information on using complementary therapies to manage menopausal symptoms safely, the number to call is 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2 and the link to the email service is:

Here is a link to the BCC publication ‘Menopausal symptoms and breast cancer’ which you may find useful to read:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/17/

Best wishes

I take menopace. It is a herbal remedy from Boots. My original onc (male, old) was no use whatsoever, but then he retired and at my last check up I saw a lovely lady who said it was safe for me to take Menopace (I am hormone positive) as long as I am on tamoxifen. She said that the tamoxifen would stop any oestrogens causing problem, and I have certainly found it helps (so for triple negative it would be fine). I had previously tried evening primrose oil, starflower oil, acupuncture and clonidine (the clonidine was like a wonder drug for about six months then just stopped working)

Word of warning - the onc said not to tell the pharmacist that I am on tamoxifen when buying menopace, as they would say it was a no-no as they would not be up to speed on the latest advice.

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Great news norberte, very supportive of your specialist, it must be good to know she went through the effort of finding an answer got you. I hope you, too, get relief from the flushes! X

Hi Girls, black cohosh didn’t help me, GP thought red clover might be ok but there were warnings about the oestrogenic properties. Instead I use a magnet, read about the ladycare magnet but thought it would end up in the wash as you fix it to your knickers. Thinking laterally I bought a Trionz magnet which is on a silicone bracelet. Hot flushes and night sweats are massively better. I’m the biggest sceptic but when I forget to put it back on I have a really bad night. I got mine from, it only cost £20, money well spent! hope this helps
Nicky x

Hi there

I asked my Onc about this and he said I could work my way through Holland and Barratt all the time I was taking tamoxifen to protect against oestrogenic effects (and bearing in mind any other meds we’re on too of course as Norberte says we need to be careful of overloading our livers).
He did say that although there was no research evidence, anecdotally he had heard from women that acupuncture worked well. Problem is it’s not available on the NHS.
Elinda x

Hi everyone

I am on tomoxifen and suffered from flushes especially at night. I find that avoiding alcohol, tea and coffee helps. I also swear by ovaltine and amitriptyline an hour before bed time. Works a treat.

Alex D