Hot flushes etc

Hi all
I just wondered if these symptoms are post treatment or just my age!!
I’m 52, had pre cancer cells removed in january and I finished rads mid April. I have been feeling menopausal in the last month or so, mainly with hot flushes especially at night. I’m also very achey and seem to get up out of bed in the morning and the joints in my feet hurt until I get walking a bit. My breast and under arm are getting quite achey and tender again. Do you think its post treatment symptoms?

just a quicky on my experience. i had a tumour removed oct, finished chemo and rads mid may. i am 46, had periods till second chemo, haven’t seen since then. i have awful hot flushes, which i put down to chemo induced menopause, and awful aches in bones and joints which i am assured is normal after chemo and rads.
somedays i feel so washed out, the pain in my joints is not nice, but i have joined a gym and am trying to get fitter!
hope things improve for us both! lol

I feel so much better reading your posts, although I’m sad that other people feel horrible too.
I’ve had lumpectomy, chemo and have 5 more rads to go then I’m done. But the hot flushes are driving me insane becasue I can’t sleep and my joints have just started to ache particularly the soles of my feet.
I just need to know all this will go away and I will feel 45 again not 95. Its so difficult some days to feel cheery.

I think that the hot flushes have actually been the worst side effect of my chemo, they drive me nuts especially at night and I am sick of broken sleep. As I have to start taking Tamoxifen in a few weeks time (once I am over my mx and recon surgery) I do not really see an end in site.

Best wishes,

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I was pretty desperate re the hot flushes so I went to a homeopath. Job done. I get the odd one when I’m warm anyway and get really flustered but but the homeopathy is working for me.

Worth a try?

I didn’t really have any treatment for my hot flushes,but when I started amitryptyline ( or however you spell it ) they reduced in frequency a lot .doctors said this is a well known side effect

.now I have stopped amitryptyline and my hot flushes lasted about two years altogether .I do get the odd one now and then but nothing like before when they were at least every hour,now only about two or three a day

Finished chemo almost two weeks ago and have the flushes and just general sweats mostly at night now, periods stopped after chemo 4. Tamoxifen start in a couple of weeks, also have the heavy muscles, aches sensation. Wriggly, feel the same as you, being 45 feeling more like a 100…
I suppose it’s something to have to learn to live with???

Someone on here recommended the Ladycare magnet to combat SE’s such as hot flushes and it’s worked for me. No guarantees but it’s about £20 so worth a go.

Hi blondie1961,

Not suffering from the hot flushes yet (although I’m sure its only a matter of time) but I wondered what homeopathetic remedy has worked for you, or is it a combo that has been specifically formulated for you by a homeopath?

Many thanks
Debs x


Finished 6 x FEC end of June and about a week of 3 weeks of rads left to go. My periods carried on throughout chemo, but have not made an appearance since last chemo and I have been getting terrible hot flushes!

Do you think this is a temporary thing or start of early menopause? (I am 30yrs)

I am struggling with the hot flushes and feel all clammy and sweaty, it must happen about 10 times a day/night…arrgghhh!! Will also look at homeopathic options…

Paula xx

Hi everyone,

I finished chemo in April and have suffered with the hot flushes, I was quite an active runner before I was diagnosed and have started to run again. My hot flushes are completely gone and it’s now a thing of the past. I also have acupucunture once a month, hope this helps… :slight_smile: