Hot flushes management in HK

Just to share an article which was created by a HK hospital with which the cancer center combines western medicine (ie.chemo) and eastern medicine (ie. side effects handling) in treating cancer patients. I have used google to translate it from chinese to English except the chinese medicine prescriptions and acupuncture operation sites which google failed to translate.


Hot flushes is a Vosomotor symptoms, which reduce the central body temperature by expanding the blood vessels of the skin. Hot flushes may be caused by early decline of ovarian function due to chemotherapy, as well as the use of tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors. When compared to patients taking Letrozole,  patients taking tamoxifen have more frequent and severe hot flushes.

Although clinical available drugs such as Gabapentin, Venlafaxine, Progesterone and Paroxertine can alleviate hot flushes, we should also consider the side effects of the drug. Besides, Paroxertine interface with tamoxifen.

In daily life, paying more attention to the following matters can also help to reduce the appearance of hot flashes:

  • Understand what will stimulate hot flushes, such as eating spicy foods and hot drinks, and then avoiding them
  • Reduce drinking coffee.
  • Prohibit alcoholic beverages.
  • Dressing should be layered, the inner layer is breathable and easy to perspire, and it can be taken off immediately in case of sultry environment.
  • Keep your room cool while you sleep
  • Bedding should be based on cotton.
  • Pajamas should also be based on cotton or quick-drying materials.

Based on chinese medicine literature, hot flushes occurs due to age, major illness, chemotherapy and drug damage to liver and kidney.

Diet (for kidney and liver)

  1. Dried black fungus 30g, dried black bean 30g, proper amt of water, After boil, then turn to medium heat for 1 hour and drink
  2. Dried gogi berries , dried lily bulb , each of 30-60g, proper amount of white rice. Eat porridge.
  3. Walnut 20g, dried gorgon fruit 15g, dried lotus seed15g, proper amt of white rice. Eat porridge.


In addition to diet, keep your mind calm, avoid excessive mood fluctuations. As well, recommend to swim 2-3 times a week. It can improve the operation of blood and swimming in cool water can effectively reducing body temperature. Swimming is the best exercise option for hot flushes patients


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