Does anyone have any other remedies for hot flushes on tamoxifen. Been on it now for 2.5 years. Last year the hospital breast nurse suggested I go on citalopram antidepressant. Didn’t help so they put me on venlafaxine antidepressant 37.5mg then put it up to 75mg. So been on antidepressants for about 9 months. I missed one dose and withdrawal symptoms kicked In by the next morning with severe dizziness, brain zaps and clicking. Spoke to docs and told them I wanted off these pills as they weren’t helping the flushes. Put me on a half dose for two weeks then to alternate foe the last week. It has been horrendous. 4 weeks Ince starting withdrawal and I’ve still got dizziness and brain zaps among other things like forgetting things, irritable, more lack of sleep than usual, hot flushes horrendous to name just a few. Contacted my doctor today who would be quite willing to put me back on venlafaxine to try and come off it at a slower rate. I thought she was kidding me on. Said it might take weeks to feel back to normal without the noises in my head etc. Just looking for something to ease the flushes that can be taken with tamoxifen something herbal that is safe)

I have also been on Tamoxifen for about 2.5 years. I take sage tablets (Menoforce) every day. They don’t get rid of all the side effects completely but make them manageable. It takes 3 to 4 weeks for you to notice the effects but I have found them very helpful. Been taking them for years (about 20 years before my diagnosis) as couldn’t tolerate HRT. They themselves don’t seem to have any side effects.

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Thanks for replying. I will give these a try to see if they help. Cant get hrt because my breast cancer was estrogen based. Thanks Debbie

Mine was also oestrogen receptor positive. I took the sage tablets to my oncologist and he said they were ok to take. They don’t contain any plant oestrogens.

I hope they help you too.
Best wishes

Hello @debbietimtom
Arricular accupuncture can help with hot flushes. I was referred via my BCN, might be worth asking yours.
I’ve been told to keep away from spicy food, alcohol and stress as these are triggers.
Baavet bedding also helps me sleep better, it’s expensive but worth it. I don’t stick to the sheets now.
Great isn’t it :rofl:

Thanks for your information will try anything at this point.

Thats great, thanks will pick somenof these up to try.

Hi debbietimtom, sorry to hear about the bad hot flushes. I got hot flushes on a night so my doctor suggested taking tamoxifen on a morning so the hot flushes would be through the day not on a night so i could sleep better. Not sure if that ls any help.
I also got a cooling mat, you dont have to freeze/fridge it or anything. It is just cool, would lay that on me when i had a hot flushes. It doesnt keep cool for ages but i did buy it a well ago so there may be better ones out there.

Thanks for replying, ive already tried swapping from day to night with no change. I also have the cool mats in my bed that turn to hot water bottles, my partner is always freezing so its a rough one to keep one cool and the other warm lol. I have electric fans all around the house. Cant wear anything warm like jumpers. I do get cold some times but as soon as i put my zipper in the magic zipper comesnoff again. Kids just say youve just put that zipper on. Its horrendous also throwing antidepressants into the mix too but glad ive stopped them, just waiting on the withdawal side effects to stop