Hot Flushes

Hello There, I wonder if anyone can help? I had a mastectomy six weeks age, and as the gremln wes oestrogen sensitive have had to stop taking HRT. I have recovered very well, but am now having dreadful hot flushes, and night sweats. The daytime ones are manageable, but the night sweats are HORRENDOUS. I go from dripping sweat, to shivering cold , and haven’t had a decent night’s sleep for about two weeks. I was prescribed Femara after surgery, but the side effects were so awful I stopped them after two weeks, so I can’t blame that. Has anyone any knowledge of ant complementary therapies that can help, as I feel that if I don’t get a decent sleep soon, I’ll take to the bottle. Regards, Morrigan

Hi Morrigan
If you have a look under the page undergoing treatment: hormone therapy there are LOADS of threads on this subject and LOADS of ideas on how to help. As you can imagine there are lots of women going through exactly the same.


I also get terrible hot flushes and night sweats but I was prescribed clonidine by my GP. This has made a huge improvement and I now get a reasonable nights sleep. I have to take amitriptyline tho as a sleeping pill.

Julia xx

After being kicked into menopause after Chemo 3 I finally went to my GP as you the night flushes etc were horrendous. Have started clonidine 3xday and seen some improvement less intense and less frequent flushes. X

Hello All. Thanks for your replies, but I am experiencing almost a miracle. On Saturday, I bought, very sceptically, Sage pills, and a selenium supplement, and lo and behold , they’re working. I take 1 sage, and 200 mcgs selenium at bedtime, and last night, only had one sweaty episode, and only a mild one at that. Daytime has improved a great deal as well, so I’m hoping that as time goes on, and they build up in my system, the flushes will go altogether. I really can’t believe it’s working, and so quickly too. If any of you decide to try this, may I wish you the very best, and a happy recovery. Morrigan

Hi Morrigan
Might be worth checking with your BCN if it’s OK to take sage and/or selenium. Presumably if your BC was ER+ you will be put on some sort of hormone therapy and some of the complementary medicines do not mix very well with those.

Hi Sarah, I chose to accept that the Gremlin was gone after the surgery and the lymph nodes were clear when removed, therefore asked no questions. Perhaps a bit ostrich- like, but it works for me. I was prescribed Femara to be taken for five years, but the side effects were so awful that I have made the decision not to take them. I am almost 66 now, and feel I don’t have five years to feel dreadful. Perhaps if I were much younger, I would grit my teeth and feel bad for five years, but at my time of life five years is too long to feel wretched. I’m not recomending this course of action to anyone else, but I feel it’s best for me.I would rather be the grandmother that my grandchildren are used to, busy, playful, and reasonably energetic, than an exhausted old biddy, useful to no-one.
The sage and selenium continue to work well - no sweaty episodes at all last night. I hope you are well and continue to recover apace. Regards, Morrigan.

I have taken Evening Primrose Oil for many years and have been on Femara for nearly a year. Although I do get too warm, I don’t have sweats and wonder if this is the reason. Maybe worth trying but you would have to give it a while to work.

Ann x

Hi im changing the subject slightly for advice on periods after menopause . its the silly things like this you dont like to ask your doctor . in march blood test confirmed i was “post” menopausal , so why do i still get some periods. 2 years since chemo and no periods to begin with but this last 9 months or so they have been quite regular , im confused !i originally had some very “warm moments” but nothing like the horrible night sweats you other ladies suffer . If i hadnt seen it written on paper i was post menopausal id have sworn id made a mistake , any advice anyone ?

Hi gotthet-shirt
Certainly sounds incompatible with post-menopausal. I’m around that time myself (age 51) so also been having tests but mine were inconclusive. If it’s left to nature the medical people define post-menopausal as at least 12 months after the last period, so on that basis you’re not. How confusing. Can I ask, how old are you?

Hi sarah , im 38 , i was 35 at diagnosis and didnt have periods throughout chemo or for ages after cant remember exactly when but the hospital took bloods and wrote to confirm post menopausal and im awaiting a bone scan but that was march and ive not had app did wonder if they forgotten about me and i dont like to phone to check but perhaps should . strange eh certainly got the weight around the middle though which i like to blame on the menopause lol x

38 and they reckon you’re post-menopausal? Sounds like it’s time to contact your BCN! Perhaps ask for another blood test since it’s now 6 months since the last one? And jog someone’s memory about the bone scan? You don’t have to be medically qualified to think that regular periods are perhaps a bit of a clue! A lot of us women are too meek and accepting for our own good - phone them up and hassle them if you’re not getting appointments or answers!

Gotthet-shirt , have you had a smear recently ? Might be a good idea to have one of those as well .
Regards , Kris

hi, jackwagstaff yes i had a smear i think at the start of the year and it was fine , but i understand what your thinking cause i thought it myself lol . to be honest i am just not convinced i am “through” the menopause but believe i am “going” through it i think another blood test be good thanks how are you , take care x