Hot flushes

Hot flushes

Hot flushes Hi there,

Has anyone else been experiencing the awful hot flushes.

I have been on zoladex injections and my chemo which both finished beginning/middle of march and i am due to go in on Wednesday to have the lump out.

I know compared to what alot of you are going through this sounds silly but having gone through chemo and coped pretty welll these hot flushes are really getting to me … i suppose its as the weather is getting warmer too it makes them ten times worse, i just feel wet through and they make really stroppy - if someone is talking to me when i start having one i just really really want to tell them what to do with themselves!!!

Does anyone have any tips or remedies or ideas when they are likely to stop or anything to help pleeeasse!?


I know the feeling They suck don’t they!

I think that they are worse because we’ve been through chemo, ie we’ve been through hell already and they are a consant reminder of it.

Grape seed extract has helped me. I still get them but not as severely.

All the best xxx