Hot flushes

Hi, I had my 2nd WLE, last week, so.still awaiting results. I have been told I need 3 weeks of radiotherapy followed by 5 years of hormone treatment. My question is, if I am still having hot flushes now, no periods for over 5 years, will the flushes get worse? Have I hot this joy to look forward too? Probably as I am totally stressed they seem to be coming back with a vengeance.
Thanks for reading

My hot flushes started with chemo and have continued with Tamoxifen. I have also felt freezing cold at night. I’m almost 3 months into Tamoxifen and although it’s not been without it’s nasties I’d say my hot flushes are becoming less frequent. I think there’s def. a stress related element as I seem to get them more when I am in situations where I’m more visible/trapped e.g front row seats at daughter’s recent show. So I think it must be possible to limit their effects with relaxation techniques. Good luck!