Hot sore breast 5 months after rads finished.

My breast is hot and sore to touch. It’s been like this since rads. I don’t remember how many treatments in i was when it began to feel hot to touch, I finished rads 6th June. Also i would have thought my breast should be pain free by now. My lumpectomy was 5th April this year and it still hurts to touch, not just the scar site by entire breast. My lymphodema nuse said my levels have been slowly rising over the last few months… Could it be lympodema… am so over feeling like this


Hi Jane my treated boob is still hot compared to non treated boob 2 years after finishing rads.My " bad" boob is still quite tender at times still too and my first mammogram after treatment was very uncomfortable too .Some of what you are experiencing may well just be normal part of the healing process and some due to your lymphodema .

hi fellow sufferer,


although my boob is not hot it is still so tender and painful.

had my lumpectomy on 14th March.  At my 4 month checkup once rads were finished in June,  was told that it was still early days but all was as it should be.  Did say could always be tender.

also have some lyphodema in breast and underarm in arm pit.

told to do above head exercises which i do daily.  No improvement so far so am now doing gentle massage.

good luck :relaxed: