Housework!!! I have developed a definate allergic reaction to housework since BC diagnosis.
I actually think it is pointless to stay in and clean when i can be out and about all over the country socialising.
This month i will have been away 3 weekends and its nice and then the last Sat i am away in Wales for the day.

Anyone else found the same???

Oh and by the way if ya one of these people with a tidy immaculate house dont post i have enough friends like that.


I was exactly the same on chemo.Spent most of my time galavanting around the British Isles - and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It really kept me going and gave me that sense of freedom that being tied to the hospital for treatment could easily have taken away.I’m back to reality now and being part of a large family have got to shoulder my responsibilites(elderly mother and twelve grandchildren) but heck I’m still under 50 and how I hanker for the excuse to just jump in the car and hit the highroads again!

Me too Hi R

I agree, there are so many other things more deserving than housework!

It’s pouring in rain outside and the perfect day for house work… where have I been for the last hour or so… riding my horses and getting soaked, much more fun than all that housework :wink:

In fact since my dx I struggle to put my mind to anything that uses more than one brain cell… I just can’t seem to concentrate let alone want to do whatever Im supposed to be doing… much to hubbies disgust!

Well, as far as I’m concerned I have more important things to do :slight_smile:

Lynn x

Weird… Is’nt it strange how we change?

I too cannot concentrate on any one thing for very long. I was never without a book in my hand before all this drama, but now I can’t even pick one up.

I’ve got several “belters” there that various people bought me for Christmas and they have’nt been opened yet.

If I don’t get back to normal (hah!!) they’re heading for the charity shop.

Best Wishes
Linda xx

Housework Housework!!!

What is that? I usually answer walk about with a duster in my hand. It looks good.

If you use polish as air freshener everyone thinks you have been really busy.

The only person who knows that under the beds and all the corners have not been done is me. If anyone else notices - hard lines.

I have too many books to read and lunches to attend.


I Think about it I think about doing housework. That’s about as far as it gets.

Surprising how you don’t notice the dust until you move something that’s been in one place for ages. You soon don’t notice that either.

I decided that if people came to see whether or not i’d done housework instead of us they needn’t bother visitng.

Marilyn x

PILES OF STUFF!! I agree every so often I put things in piles to move somewhere and then move them so they can’t be seen, it takes too much energy to have to sort out and concentration is poor I flit from one thing to another so you do not know what you might find where! Very interesting for my family.

Treakle x

Well, everyone’s different I guess. I have found doing the housework comforting, and it has been good exercise for my arm (I had lumpectomy and axillary clearance 3 weeks ago). I’m not fanatically house proud, but I just want the house to look like it usually does and for me to feel normal sometimes and not special.

A lot of the stuff I read about women with breast cancer emphasises how people change, and how they start ‘living for the moment’ and go bouncing off on walking holidays to Peru and giving their credit cards some serious grief and so on. Those stories always make me feel inadequate.

I just don’t feel that way. So this is a message for anyone who feels a bit inadequate that they haven’t had a complete spiritual revelation and junked their old life as a result of getting breast cancer. People like me who are ok most of the time but just wish their life had not changed.

Thing is, I was very content just the way I was and I didn’t need breast cancer to remind me of how precious life is.

quote …So this is a message for anyone who feels a bit inadequate that they haven’t had a complete spiritual revelation and junked their old life as a result of getting breast cancer. People like me who are ok most of the time but just wish their life had not changed…

Personally I haven’t had any sort of spiritual revelation I just feel blinking lazy on the housework front these days, I lost 1 year of my life to this stupid disease and I’m not letting housework get in the way of my future enjoyment of life - there again I don’t own a ‘pinny’ and am not known for being inside the house very often!

I’ve always been content with my life and BC has not changed that, I didn’t have time to sit still during chemo or retire to my bed when I was dropping (except when enforced on my various hospital admissions), every thing carried on just as any other day. I missed riding my horses and I’m making up for that now I feel a bit better physically, so housework is taking a back seat for a little while - I’m sure the house will survive.

Used to be tidy. Liverbird, haha ,thought it was just me, I am so not bothered with housework now and it shows!!

Have more things that are important now and must enjoy myself.

Will have a good clean at the weekend as we are getting more rain, or I may just put me wellies on and play in the puddles who knows.

Enjoy your trips


har har

tidy? whats that? yer cant be tidy wiv kids anyway - i defy anyone to live in a ‘showhome’ anyway! our house has the ‘lived-in’ look anyway and the ‘burgled-look’ every school mornin!

its like shovellin snow while its still snowin ere anyway! hey ho, it’ll still be there 2moro :O)