How about Christmas sweets

Hi everybody

I wanted to ask an opinion…

I try to avoid sugar as much as possible, as well as fructose, juses, too much fruit…etc…

Now I may go to a dinner, and being near Christmas, I imagine there is going to be panettone, or other festivity sweets…

Should I eat some? Should I avoid them completely not to feel guilty the next day?

How do you feel about sugar? Do you eat it? Or have a low sugar diet? Or sugar free? Do you think they matter or doesn’t matter in a diet? And how about fruit?

Thank you for an opinion, link to studies, personsl story…or anything.

Best wishes to everybody!


Hello @Amel

IMHO you can eat the sweets, eat the cake, eat whatever you want to eat, enjoy and savour every mouthful just don’t eat too much of anything

AM xxx


Totally agree here.

It’s all about what you want in moderation.

Have a lovely Christmas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes I think I will do that. Don’t exagerate on anything, but enjoy everything.
Happy Christmas and thank you for answering :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I continue to eat, drink and make merry !!! Also still have my beloved HRT on !! My cancer is triple neg, and no one’s told me to stop, so I carry on as normal xx


Good to know, I going to do as well!
Merry Christmas!


Eat and enjoy
You only have one life so enjoy it :blush:


True!! :smiling_face:

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Lifes too short …it’s Christmas… time to enjoy … it’s one day …


Yes…for one day at least!
Seem like what everybody is telling me. I will eat some sweet, not too much, and no remorse!
Best wishes! Thank you for answering

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Hi Amel, I’m glad you’ve brought up the subject of sugar. I’ve been avoiding it for over a year now - since diagnosis - and am really happy with that decision. I’m someone with a really sweet tooth and always had a lot of cake and chocolate in the past - I don’t miss it. I rarely crave sugary treats, my mood is more stable, and so is my weight. I avoid refined sugar and free sugar (honey etc) but eat fruit. I make desserts using dates. Ive had a few more sugary drinks over Christmas, and more dates than normal and If I fancied some Christmas sweets or alcohol I would have it - but it just doesn’t appeal anymore. It’s not a treat for me now. i Eat and cook with 100% dark chocolate. If you’re looking for more information I’d recommend nutrition and anti inflammatory diet sessions at the charity Penny Brohn as well as the nutrition sessions at the charity Future Dreams. You might also find the zoe podcast insightful - and Tim Spector’s recent book. The NHS advice is to eat a healthy diet and that sugar is ok in moderation - but reading Tim Spectors book confirmed for me that avoiding refined sugar would support my body through treatment - refined sugar offers us very little in nutritional terms - and we can get the vital glucose out body needs from other slow releasing sources in our diet. Saying all that if you fancy some Christmas sweets - have them! Why be critical of ourselves when we’re going through so much already - wishing you joy over the festive season…


Thank you, very useful info, I will check them out!
I also never drink fruit juice, not even 100% fruit, as they have a super high GI. And always read the lable of ingredients in every food. Traditional panettone also is relatively low in sugar, compared to cakes, cookies and pie, I will probably eat a slice this evening! But definitely keep my low sugar diet other days, and reserve some sweets from the special occasions!
Thank you for answering and best wishes to you too!

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