How bad will I get? I'm such a wimp!!!

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. Had my first lost of FEC on 9th Nov - can’t believe how many people are on the same route 3 fec and 3 Tax, I’ve had a strange week. Tuesday felt tickety-boo even went on the treadmill and ironed. Wednesday felt cr*p and lay in bed most of the day felt a bit sick, lethargic, couldn’t even be bothered to have a wash - disgusting slob. I felt a bit depressed and wondered if this is just me or a side effect? Thursday, I was little better and yesterday (Friday) I was back to top form. Went out to a ‘baby shower’ party last night and drank water all night then woke up with a stonking headache as if I’d quoffed my usual six LARGE wines. Is this what it’s like up one day and down the next or will there come a point when I just feel sh*te all the time?

Thought my hubby was going to cheer me up on my bad day -"I’ve been speaking to Margaret at work (she has had BC) and she said … (wait for it)
“you feel even worse with the 2nd lot of chemo”. Well done, next time just don’t tell me what Margaret says eh?

luv Karen x

Hi Karen

Welcome to the site - you’ll find lots of support and advice on here, and we even have laughs too, which we all need at times !

I was diagnosed on 4th April, and had 4 lots of EC followed by 4 taxol and gemcitabine. Everyone reacts differently to chemo so don’t worry about Margaret - lol !
I must admit I was very sick on EC, but a friend of mine was fine. What you’re feeling is normal, and no, you won’t feel shite all the time (lol) - I found my first few days after chemo were the worst, but I picked up fine in time for the next one! With taxol the effects didn’t kick in until about two days later and I just had aching legs.

Chemo is hard, but do-able, and before you know it you’ll be done and dusted and ready for the next course of treatment whatever that may be. One of the girls on here -Kelly (Princess18) started a brilliant thread on coping with chemo - see if you can find it. All I would say is, when you feel crap, give into it and go to bed or slob out on the sofa. This is something I initially found very hard to do, but you have to !

Also, if you do suffer any nasty side effects, do tell your BC Nurse or Oncologist - they tell you not to suffer in silence and will do their very best to keep your side effects at bay.

Wishing you lots of luck with your treatment, and keep posting so we know how you’re doing.

Lots of love

Julie xxx

Dear Karen

I did not find the 2nd worse than the first. I felt sick with the first and a bit tired but that was all really. The 3rd I didn’t feel so good, but again nothing unmanageable. Generally I had good days and bad days on FEC but again, nothing I couldn’t handle.

I think people’s reactions are different, but I agree with Julie and speak to your nurse or Onc, let them know what your side effects are and they can help with medication or suggestions I’m sure.

Cecelia. x

Hello Stevetom

No, you are not a wimp and chemo is horrid, but as other ladies have said on here, it is manageable. Just listen to your body, and if you feel tired or slobbish, just go with it. The feeling will pass, and you will have days when you feel more energetic, so try to make the most of those. The other thing Iw opuld say is always take the anti-sickness tablets whether you feel sick or not, because it is a lot easier to keep sickness at bay than to stop it when it starts.

All thats been said above I agree with-I’ve managed to work full time through my first 12 weeks of chemo -having it every 3rd friday and recovering over the week end.It has made me tired and I was sick after the first one but do tell them about any side effects because there are so many anti sickness drugs you can have
.I had a badly aching arm-veins protesting!! and I was given cream for that-also heart burn and indegestion and again I was given something for it-don’t suffer always tell them I’ve now reduced my hours at work because I think it does have an accumilitive effect in making you tired the more chemo you have.
Stick in there !!
K x.

Hi Karen,

‘welcome’ to this most awesome site, I’m glad you’ve found us!! Congrats on getting through chemo No1, thats great!!! I have recently finished chemo, I was on E-CMF which is obviously slightly different to yours. I found that providing I took things really easy the first couple of days after each treatment, I could recover fairly quickly. Personally I never went out for at least the first day after chemo. I drank loads and loads and relied heavily on lucozade!!

I found that as the chemo session totted up and it accumulated in my body it would take slightly longer to bounce back from each session, nut I still had far far more good days than bad. I wouldn’t pay too much head to what margaret says as everyone is different. Just be sure to listen to your body and rest when you need to and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Take care,


Thanks to you all - today has been a good day but have just done a shop at Asda with the Three year old (who is the devil incarnate) and am knackered now - early night I think!

thanks again - luv Kx

hi Karen

I’m due for my third fec next Friday and i am surprised how I’m feeling on it first couple of days I rest and then Monday comes and I’m back to work. a few people say I’m mad to go to work i only work 5 hours a day but it stops me thinking about bc and its a welcome distraction. I find the first week I’m the most tired but when I feel tired I just stop and let my husband and girls take over you have to listen to your body your be OK as they say it is doable and you will get through it


Hi Stevetom
Believe me you are no wimp, chemo. is no picnic but its doable. Just finished four taxols then I start Ec. I found with Taxol that the day after I was fine , then it kicked in for about three days and I picked up again. The main thing was the weakness and achey knees. After this I was able to get out and about a bit more. Just be kind to yourself and take it a bit more easy than you would normally do.
Best of luck
Alison x

I echo the above comments… the more you read the various threads on this site, the more you appreciate that everyone’s reactions to chemo are completely different! Don’t get dragged down by some people’s hard times… live one day at a time and do what feels best for you!! Remember you WON’T get all the side-effects that are mentioned here… just some of them and maybe if you’re lucky, none of them!! Sometimes I found it was good to see what lies ahead on the chemo rollercoaster, but other times was very selective in what I read… chin up and keep smiling!


There are loads of different chemos and the dose given now is worked out on your weight, height etc so someone can have exactly the same chemo as you but react in a completely different way.

It used to annoy me when some people implied it was ‘in my head’ that I was going to feel yuk but I didn’t work for 10 months because it absolutely floored me yet another lady I knew used to go shopping after chemo and I’d just about crawl home!

Everyone is different and no one knows how you’re feeling so really listen to your body and go with the flow. Be careful as well that you don’t go into really crowded places while you’re on chemo because of the risk of infection - especially this time of year!

Take care.