How can I help my Mum after lumpectomy?

Hello everyone. My Mum is due to have a lumpectomy on the 22nd and I was just wondering if there was anything I could do to make her feel more comfortable after surgery? When she’s home she is going to sleep in my room as her room is at the top of the house so thought it would be easier for her to be in my room for a while and I’m taking some time off work to look after her along with my brother but I can’t help wondering if there’s other things that would really help her; creams, certain foods or drinks, activities, pampering stuff, etc. Thank you in advance xxx

Be guided by her.She probably will not feel too bad, and will need to keep moving about. I suggest a nice pillow/ cushion to comfort her, or to hold under her arm. Some little walks out and a coffee and cake maybe! Also a DVD to watch. She should be fully mobile, so encourage this.I would be wary of any creams etc.but a nice shower gel, and body lotion would be lovely (I shop in body shop for my stuff)


Regarding foods, carry on as normal, again be guided by what she feels, as long as she drinks plenty.


I have had, would you believe, 11 lots of breast surgery over the years,so feel fairly well qualiied in how one may be feeling!!! 

This is really not a complex operation, more so if she is not having her lymph nodes removed at the same time? Whilst it is important to pamper oneself, it is also important to keep mobile, and try to move about each day, a bit of fresh air works wonders as well. Also make sure she keeps up the physio exercises that the hospital will give her to take home, and to get your arm movement back to normal, little and often is the mantra!  Once the scars begin to heal, treat her to some bio oil, that will really help the scarring to disappear. Pyjamas etc with sleeves are best, or if your house is lovely and warm, wear those vest tops with the bra support as she won’t feel like wearing a bra straightaway. Hope everything goes well, she is lucky to have such a supportive daughter!

K M x

Hi Jilly and kitten. Thank you for replying. Sorry about my slow reply! I’m glad I asked this because I was assuming my mum wouldn’t be able to get up and about for a while but sound like it will be good for her to which is excellent cos she hates sitting around. My mum has given me a shopping list for things she would like and I’m going to get her a v pillow, some new PJs and one of the vest tops you said about kitten on Monday when I go shopping. Hopefully she doesn’t have to have her nodes out. They think they are clear but obviously going to test them anyway. I will definitely get her some bio oil for when the scars heal too. Wow Jilly 11 lots of surgery is definitely a lot!! Again thank you both for replying and thank you for your very kind words. I hope you are both doing well xxx