How can I search for a lump on site which has an implant?

How can I search for a lump on site which has an implant?

How can I search for a lump on site which has an implant? I have moved this post so it will be seen by more users.

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posted on 10.02.06 2:33 pm

This is my first ‘post’ ever on a pc!!
I’m 59 and have finished my mastectomy/chemo/radio T. Like everyone who has written here Kelly/Heather and Dr. Harvey everything said is exactly what I feel and think with one exception that I’m hoping to explore here:
When I found my lump I was fit and well (as many people are) the lump was not clear on a m/gram but very clear on Ultrasound but had gone to Stage 3 without me even feeling tired!
I have been ‘discharged’ by my oncologist with the advice: “Take the Tamoxifen keep a lookout for unusual swellings etc and if you feel ill go to your doctor” again this is not any different than many people who have written here.
My question is; The original site, the chest wall, under my right breast is where I found the lump myself by checking the soft tissue of a breast, how can I possibly find a lump in a site which now has an implant and is a hard lumpy slightly numb area?
I will have m/gram on other breast and if get bleeding/ lump etc in any other area I will go running to the doctor but I’m left with the dilemma of the site itself!
As I see it, I was unfortunate to get cancer in the first place, I luckily found it in time for treatment, but now find myself in the weird situation of having a greater chance of my cancer recurring but absolutely no way to spot it early and no offer of any scan/blood profile. If I wait until I feel unwell and a recurrence in the site is the cause, it will be too late, by then the cancer will have spread.
Thank you for reading this

—Implants —Hello Mary

First of all well done on your first post, I was really nervous the first time I posted.

20 years ago I had a lumpectomy following breast Cancer diagnoses, this left a rather big dent in the side of my breast, after radio I was asked if I would like plastic surgery to fill this in, seemed a good idea and I went ahead with it.

I also wondered how I would detect a further lump and questioned whether I had made the right decision. However, I had a recurrence in November and it was me that found it, the hospital picked it up on their ultra sound, rather than a lump it was a dent and I must have caught it early as although Ive had to undergo a full mastectomy, having reconstruction, my lymphnodes were clear, so prognoses good.

I am also taking Tamoxifen.

I am the same age as you and a m/gram is no good for me now, but the ultra sound can pick these things up, so I’ve been told, but I can understand your concerns, I have had the same ones, but have decided that whats done done and no good will come from dwelling on it.

Good Luck


Hi —Again well done on your first post. I also know what you mean. I have implant in my left side and there has been no checks done on this side since it was put there, except a quick feel of the implant at checkups. I have quite a bit of pain in the side with the implant but because I had DCIS the docs think there is no chance of any cancer returning there.
I have to trust there judgement I guess but I tell them at every visit I still have pain! They seem to have decided it is now in my mind!!
All the best

detection of recurrences with implants apparently recurrences will be picked up as they are normally found at the skin surface rather than below the implant. Or so Susan Love says I believe. I have seen photos of little nodules around the scar so that is what I am looking for. Can’t say I have made much effort to look as I think I will recognise something pretty quickly if it is not normal. I found the lump in my breast because I noticed a slight bulge, I hadn’t felt it at all up to then. You can drive yourself mad with anxiety but I don’t really think early detection is as important as they make out, provided you don’t ignore a whopping great lump.


Hello Tinto I can’t really add anything to what these ladies have said as I have not had an implant- I have plenty of lumps on the mastectomy side though, and have wondered myself how I would tell whether they were ok or not.
I just wanted to say welcome to the site. There are more and more of us oldies so don’t worry (I’m 62) and I don’t know what we’d do without it sometimes.
Best wishes, Judy

Bristol Cancer Help Centre —Thank you Janice,
Since my posting I have seen my consultant and they have put my mind at rest regarding the ongoing checks that will be made to see if the cancer is coming back.
To help me on the road to recovery, I am going to visit the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and wondered if anyone had any comments on this if they have been there?