how can straight women support a lesbian / bisexual section?

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Hi. As a straight woman, I’d like to say it would be a downright bludddddy cheek for straight women to object to a forum like this (although I know people do.) Ditto if women from minority ethnic groups felt they wanted a place to discuss any issues pertinent to themselves or their culture. I don’t post much now, as I am a year post-treatment and doing fine, but I do recall feeling a little concerned at how everyone was talking merrily about their “OH” when they were clearly male, and there seemed to be no lesbian women feeling they could join in. This disease is shitttty enough, without all the additional stresses thrown at you. So good luck to all of you, and if there is anything I can do or say to support you I’ll be right there.

When it comes right down to it, we’re all on this forum because we’re affected by bc - men as well as women, straight/bisexual/lesbian - we all need support and a place to express our emotions and worries - and hopefully good news too.

I don’t give a flying fart what anyone else’s sexuality is - I care about us as women (and the odd man, sorry!), and what we can do to help and support each other through the monster that is bc. The only thing that separates us is what we get up to in the bedroom… and I do not need to know anyone’s intimate lives, lol… so if I can be of support to anyone, emotionally (cos at the moment I am prob. one of the most ignorant on the forum), then let me know. BC doesn’t care about gender or sexuality, so why should I?

xx Sophie xx

Hear! hear!

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My partner, who is twenty years older than me, has just been diagnosed with Paget’s disease. She will have a mastectomy at some point in the next four weeks. We are hopeful that there is no spread as two mammograms and ultrasounds showed nothing. However, the real test is, of course, the sentinel node biopsy, so we are remaining optimistic but cautious.

It’s interesting having this section in the forum. As my mother died of secondary BC, and as I have had two false alarms so far, I’ve used the forum before, and got to know Jane RA (anyone remember her?) reasonably well, and another couple of ladies. None of them is still with us. But is this where I should post? Or should I be on the ‘family and partners’ section?

Anyway… hello :frowning:

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Thanks so much Norberte (are you French? - it sounds like it from your name :slight_smile:

At present my partner is dealing with this much better than I, but I’m keeping my anxieties to myself and taking my lead from her.

Thanks again for the support.

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Hello there. Just wanted to add my support as a ‘straight’ woman with secondaries. I totally recognise the need to have separate forums for specific situations. I often read postings that don’t directly relate to me but would never post on pages that are not directly related to my condition. There are probably enough general forums and one specifically for lesbian women gets my wholehearted support. We are all sadly ‘united’ by the breast cancer experience, but we all have different needs and requirements. I hope that you all receive the support and friendship that you require.

Alison x

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I’d rather be stuck in a lift with a Lesbian who was a nice person, than with a mean nasty straight person (black, white or sky blue pink for that matter too!)

For the record I’m straight, my eldest daughter’s gay and my niece is 50/50! If either of them were ever to be affected with BC, I’d hope they would get the same wonderful support that I have had from this site.

Life is hard enough. BC doesn’t discriminate, why should we?


saw this thread & wanted to comment too. I am straight, married with 1 child but have several very very close friends who are lesbian including an old school friend of 28 years & an old flatmate both of whom have been wonderfully supportive of me with my BC (and a few gay men too) - & I just wanted to add my support. I echo what some people have said that life can be difficult enough when you face discrimination or negative attitudes in your life for whatever reason & so I agree there is an obvious need for a separate section - a place where assumptions about relationships aren’t made & where more personal intimate things can be discussed in a way that the others there will relate to and understand. Having said that much of the site is about the condition & hints & tips on what to expect & how to deal with treatments so that is of course relevant to all.

Now you have flagged this up I will look at titles of threads etc to see of they seem something I could comment on & if they happen to be in the lesbain/bi section I won’t immediately NOT post as if there’s something I may be able to help with then it doesn’t matter where it is posted. Thanks for bringing this up & as said before this bl**dy disease definitely doesn’t discriminate - so we shouldn’t either!!! XXXXXXXXXjo XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Peachez - your comment made me chuckle at a time when I need a chuckle!

Triphazard99 - you should run for PM

This vile disease takes no prisoners. It doesn’t care about your gender or sexuality. Neither should we. I don’t. I’m a human being. We all are.

Lins. x

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