How did you feel after first EC?

I have my first EC session next week and just wondering how other people have felt after the first session? I’m early 40’s, fairly fit and healthy, hoping to go out to visit a friend the day after my treatment - is this even worth considering or am I mad? Thank you! 


I had EC and then T.

I was a little ropey but went into the office the next day and did get out.

Stick to your plans so something nice to think about but if you arent up to it, your friend will understand.

Good luck


Hi @coffeeandcake  

I just had my first EC on Monday. I had a rough first night which left me very tired on Day 2 and Day 3 - and now Day 4 I feel much better.

As you are planning, I took a walk with a friend on Day 2. It was decided on the day as I did not know how I would feel. But I followed the advice of my contact nurse to try to get my pulse up for at least 30 min each day, she said that it won’t make me feel worse.

I gather all my strength for this slow walk with my friend. It was great and I got my energy level up. I needed a nap afterwards though to recover. But so worth it. Nothing is mad, except what is happening to us. What ever makes you feel good and strong, you should embrace. I did a short run this morning (more speed walking than running but I thought if I can walk, I can run). that’s mad too, right

There is a monthly chemo thread for the May starters, you may want to join. We are a wonderful small group sharing our experience, tips and tricks.

Have a nice evening


I had my 1st EC yesterday at 130pm and my nurse was with me all the wsy through chatting and explaining stuff. I was there for about 2 hours. i had a muzzy head as i left the hospital but managed to go to the pharmacy to pick up some bits,my partner picked me up we went home had dinner watched t.v and had an ok night. Lots of weeing as lots of fluids day b4 the day and day after. I had a headache but my temp was fine so had some paracetamol. Today ive eaten and i am just chilling in bed, probally will do bits and bobs but will take each days as it comes. 

After my surgery 13th april ive managed my time so much better and dont beat myself up if i cant managed something. When i can do it i will to my potential. 

Good luck just listen to all thete guidance as it will be.