How did you receive biopsy results?

I’m currently awaiting my biopsy results (performed last Thursday), I’m so scared and convinced it was going to be bad and the wait is driving me insane.

I just wanted to know how people received their biopsy results?

At the clinic the nurse said it would take 2 weeks, then the consultant said it would be 2-3 weeks, and that was because I was low risk and my results would be posted to me. But they also mentioned that I may get a phone call with my results.

I rung my own GP to see if they had my ultrasound results as I’m going out of my mind, and they said I would be called back to the clinic for any results.

Anyone any experience?

Dear AnneA

I can understand your worry and I wonder if calling ourHelpline (0808 800 6000) would help you?  We have a fabulous team of specialists to take calls and offer information and support.

Alternatively you may like to post a question to our specialist nurses in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum.

I am sure that one of the lovely users on this Forum will be along to offer you their support and hopefully this reply will bump it up the list.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Hi Anne,

I re-read your earlier post & from what you say the biopsy was done as a precaution, but that it was considered low risk, so it would appear they don’t think it’s bc, but just need to be sure. 

Many of us here were treated as urgent, as bc was suspected, so usually in this situation an appointment is given at the breast clinic for 1-2 weeks later. 

It’s difficult to say what the arrangements would be in your situation & as Anna says, it might be an idea to post on ‘ask our nurses.’

Sorry not to have been much help on this, the mind inevitably goes into overdrive when waiting, but although it doesn’t feel like it, it is good they are getting to the bottom of it & you will get a definite diagnosis. 

Let us know how you get on,

ann x