How do I actually get diagnosed?

Starting January of 2024 I noticed a hard lump on my right breast, did self-exam, found another one under my nipple.

GP examined, agreed, sent me for diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. Came back Bi-Rads 3 - probably benign. Radiologist basically told me that she sees “complex tissue without a specific place to biopsy but she’s not worried about me”.

Call GP because I am starting to have pains in my breast and nipple, along with dried crusty “discharge” in my bra. She sends me for an MRI and same radiologist reads the report and states that all reports are clear.

Still having the pains and the lumps are still there in my breast along with the dried discharge. Breast feels full and heavy.

Why can’t they see what is inside there that I can feel?


You could always contact your GP again and ask for a second opinion. I’m wondering what the Radiologists explanation for the discharge was and if you saw a Breast Care Nurse at all as they can sometimes be more helpful . This is obviously uncomfortable and worrying for you . I would strongly suggest ringing the helpline on 0808 800 6000 and speaking to the Nurses .

With best wishes xx

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Hi @jreimer3, I’d echo what @JoanneN said in her message: if you’d like to chat to someone about anything, our breast care nurses are here. You can even leave a comment for them on this board without needing to leave the forum.

Sending our warmest wishes

Dear jreimer3

Welcome to the forum, we are all here for you, i completely agree with both Joanne and Bernard a second opinion is needed to put you mind at rest, also the breast cancer nurses are outstanding, caring and will point you in the right direction.

Wishing you health and happiness going forward, fingers crossed for a good outcome

Much love Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow: