How do I join the secondaries group!

The instructions on the post do not work as there is not a button on the right hand side. I am 47, diagnosed with BC at 44 and secondaries to bone and liver at 46. Thank you

Hi Ana and welcome to the secondaries part of the forum.

As you have been able to start your own thread I’m assuming your account is all set up and ready to go.

Basically you can start your own thread but this tends to be only if you have a specific question (which none of the other threads have covered) or join in an existing one.

To join and existing one you need to be signed in with your username and password then hit ‘reply’ on whichever post you want to reply to.  It does reply to the whole thread not just the person whose post you hit ‘reply’ on.  Everyone can see it and remember this is an open forum therefore anyone can search and read your posts.  To reply or send a message to an individual you need to go to the ‘messages’ part, in the top right hand bit of the screeen (again, you need to be logged in to see this) and then use the username of the person you want to message and type a message to them which can only be seen by them, no one else can see it.

This option (Private Messaging, or PM as we call it) sometimes takes a while for the moderators to approve your account first, otherwise as a new user they will want to check you are a real SBC person rather than someone just trying to target us with hocus pocus!

Hope this helps.

Nicky x

Hi Ana,

Is it the secondaries private group you are referring to? If so, I’ll send you an email about gaining access to the group.

Best wishes,