Does anyone please know what this means: Grade 3 (T3 P3 M2)? I know the grade 3 bit refers to how invasive/aggressive the tumour is but what do the other letters and numbers mean?!

Hi @Fuunky  I had similar questions about the histology report and asked the BCN nurses about it (number at the top of the page).  Perhaps you could give them a call?  Mine referred to TNM so it may not be exactly the same as what is on your report.  Presumably you’ve been through the findings with your surgeon?  There is also an online leaflet on the Cancer Research website called “Breast cancer stages, types and grades” which may help.

This may help. I know T3 refers to the size of a tumor. If it gets a T3 category it means it was over 5 centimeters across.

Edit - Ignore. This is not applicable to you.

Oh! I don’t think this was referring to staging. I think it was describing why you were a grade 3 instead. For example, Tubule Formation = T, Nuclear Pleomorphism = P and Mitosis Count = M. You can get scores from 1 to 3 on each of those and adding them together gives you the grade. So you had a 3 on Tubule formation, a 3 on nuclear pleomorphism and a 2 on mitosis. Those were my scores btw :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway that gave you an 8 and an 8 or 9 is considered grade 3. Those descriptions are how the cells looked and behaved under a microscope. 

The total of the numbers gives the “Nottingham score” this then determines the aggressiveness of the tumour, low medium and high.
If you Google Nottingham score it’ll give you the numbers for each level. I have learnt that it’s incredibly complicated and diverse. Breast cancer is certainly not a simple business