How do you space your tablets?

Hi ladies


Just curious about those who take ibandronic acid, thyroxine, adcal and anastrazol about how you space your tablets out during the day as I struggle to fit in. 






hi mm

probably not taking mine correctly but i take thyroxine, vitamin d, omeprazole and blood pressure in the morning and anastrazole about 7 o clock at night



Hi MysteryMouse,

I, like you and Tattyed take a number of different tablets. I think its important to understand that Thyroxine is a hormone tablet and you need to give space between that and any other hormone tablets. I take Thyroxine and vitamin D with a blood pressure tablet in the morning, taking the Thyroxine and BP tablet before I eat my breakfast and vitamin D with my food. I’m on letrazole, which I take at night - this also means any hot flushes occur usually when I’m asleep, so I don’t notice them ;-).

It might be worth talking to a local pharmacist for more advice?